Scissor Sisters

by - June 29, 2015

A short Q&A:
Q: Is this post ACTUALLY going to be about scissors?
A: Yes. Yes it is.
Q: Why??
A: Because they're bloody awesome.

Scissors are most ingenious, aren't they? Just the way they've been made, mesmerizing! Yes, it doesn't take much to impress me. But just look at the shape of a good ol' pair, who'd come up with that?

Well, the Egyptians. That's right, besides being the founders of lipstick and eyeliner (that Cleopatra was a busy bee), the Egyptians are also the brain behind the scissors. About 1500 B.C. to be exact became the scissor part of life.

Naturally, as always, Europe was behind on the whole scissor-craze in Egypt. It took the Romans a mere 1000 years to come up with such an invention. Those days the scissor was used as a tool for cutting fabric and leather (something it still can do nowadays whoop whoop). But the funny thing is, the Romans' scissors didn't had a hinge joint -as we know it- but a "bendy bit at the end". Right. The shape of the scissor -as we know it- doesn't come kicking in until the Middle Ages. Monks, I assume.

The pretty pair you've been looking at are my new scissors from House Doctor via Twee21. They're all handmade from black iron with brown leather wrapped around the handles. Perfect to tackle any crochet/knitting adventure!


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