Lust For Light

by - June 09, 2015

I've been on a roll lately, exploring further than my feet have ever gone. Although feet, more likely hands. My hands have been grabbing different stuff from the make up stand than I'll usually go for. This has ended me up with the YSL Shocking Mascara in Black, and I'm -shockingly- happy with it.

Some time ago I'd a miniature sample of this mascara and didn't like it at all. I'd even go as far by saying that I absolutely hated it. It was very wet and sticky and it smelled absolutely horrid. Now I must admit that I'm still not the biggest fan on the smell, but it isn't shudders down my spine horrible as I initially experienced it to be. Things changed.

I'm very much in awe of the applicator on this mascara. It's got long and shorter 'hairs' whereby it can really grab your eyelashes, making them not only elongated but also giving them a little bit more body. Although I wouldn't go as far by saying that it'll give you a false lashes effect as it states on the packaging. Naturally this would've been a greater statement by someone who actually wears fake eyelashes (I've never even touched one in my life. Yet). But I for one am not necessarily looking for that kind of effect, and it indeed gives you the body and the length, but not the false.

I find that the product gets better after it's a bit older. In the beginning it's quite a wet product and it'll take some time for it to dry after application. However, after a week or so this will fade tremendously, without it being very dry as a product self or something (don't you worry). But I think it's as if the product settles in more and goes to the fullest extent of its capacities. And when it's on, it's on. It won't budge or move to the side of the road. You hardly even notice it's there!

For once I've not gone for the waterproof version, but you don't even notice that either. Yes, you can't shower with it (tried it once, didn't work *sigh*). But after a heavy storm of rain it'll still be there (first hand experience).

Do you believe in love at first sight? Second? Third? Well you should because it took me some time, but I dare to say that I love this mascara. It's light on the wings and strong in the bones. It takes a bit of adjustment at first, but then you'll soon go on honeymoon together. Oh how romantic...


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