The Girl Can't Help It

by - June 06, 2015

Wind. There seems to be a lot of it going around lately and I'm not liking it. Well, not liking it when I'm trying to strod down the street. The main point of a hat is that it stays put on your head, not on the road or in a ditch or just aimlessly floating in the air. It's a hat, for goodnes sake!!

Dress: Vintage
Coat: Primark
Hat: Zeeman
Shoes: H&M 
Socks: Primark
Bag: Twee21
Lipstick: Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet La Fascinante #38 +
Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss Exces #60
Now I know that I seem to complain a lot about the wind lately, but it's just a real problem for me and my fellow hat-wearers. We all feel each other's pain when for instance one gets blown of your head or needs to be held in the hand due to too much struggles. And the struggles we must overcome are immense. It's hard to be a hat wearing girl (or guy for that matter) in this world. *sigh*

However our struggles mustn't be a discouragement to other participants. If you want to wear a hat just do it! It's like being part of a motorcycle gang. Well, not really though is it, but it could be if you want to. Although, to be honest, I'm having my doubts. We naturally could go wear some leather suits, in combination with our hats and go out for a cup of tea if you like. But riding a bike isn't really my thing, sorry (brings quite some inconveniences with it when trying to pull a helmet over your hat. Safety first people!). I even think you need a license for that. Maybe next time. 

I wish you all a happy hat wearing day (or rather evening looking at the time)!


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  1. I love hats, yet for some reason I can never seem to wear them outside. So I have quite the collection now but they only come out for very special occasions. I'm gonna need to make an effort and wear them more because it really can change an outfit completely !
    I love your outfit here, the dress and coat are to die for !

    xx, Charlie.