Sunday Summary Week 24

by - June 14, 2015

Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.
Groucho Marx

This week my sister has bought an E-reader. Owh yeah, we've been catapulted into the digital age. Now I don't know yet where I stand on the digital way of books. It just ain't the same feeling when holding it (although it's a completely different feeling than I'd expected it to be. It looks more like a framed picture than a technological magical paradise).

Anyway, my sister bought this device and gave us notice that she was willing to share with us. She even looked up some (free) books to put on it. Some magical fantasy for her, some chickflick detective stuff for my mum and finally some art biographies and English literature for me. Have we ever seen her since? No. She's nowhere to be found. Her physical books are getting worried.

The wonderful thing of these things is how fast you've 'earned it back' (you naturally never earn something back when spending it on things. But it's the idea). There are so many stories in the world that are free for insight. You almost feel mad for buying a normal book at all! Well you don't really, because as I said, the feeling. I'm yet missing the feeling. However who am I to tell you about the feeling, I've only been granted to look at it for about 5 seconds...


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  1. Amazing post & amazing photos ♥

  2. I will share mine with you......
    You even can look longer than 5 sec.
    Isn't that grand of me.

    love, Marjan

  3. E-readers serve their purpose, but they'll never be as charming as books - especially vintage one. This old tome looks just wonderful!