May Favourites 2015

by - June 10, 2015

So I asked myself this morning, what is more important: writing down some essays that are due next week or writing down my May favourites? "Well, my dear darling, that's a tough question indeed", I answered. "I'm in real dubio here", I told myself while writing the conversation down in case I could use it for my May favourites. "I think you've just made a choice", I noticed. "I think I have, indeed".

May. Whatta month. In one way I could consider it as already having vacation of some sorts (especially when I keep ignoring all my school duties. But no worries, I'd already started to write some words down. I just need to finish it. That's mostly my problem with everything. I start it, but never quite finish it at once. It always takes me a lifetime to fulfill all the things that need to be done. Luckily I'm still alive, otherwise it would be a real pain in the butt), but in another way there are still a lot of things that need to be dealt with. Soon. Like, next Tuesday. Oh well...

I've started watching Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, which airs every Sunday on BBC One (although I always record it, so I can watch it whenever I want. Power to the people). I think I'm now on episode two or three (or maybe even four, who knows?) and am absolutely hooked. I love myself some fantasy (magic is where it's at) set in a 'historical' place and time. I'm really looking forward to how the story unfolds itself. I haven't read the books by Susanna Clarke (the series is based upon her same-named novels), so I don't know where the ride is going to take us. Although I'm willing to go and purchase one of her books to experience the story in another way. Hell! I could watch the series and read a book at the same time! No one there to stop me....

On our day out we came across these Braxton sented candles in Juicy Tig en Apricot Ginger. And my oh my, do they smell delicious! Yes I know I got them on the 30th, but we already lighted one of them on the 31st so..... Still in May. They burn very nicely and are really those kind of candles you'll have to lighten in the morning and just let it go for the whole day. mmmmhhhhh

Last but not least something I've already been raving about MY BLANKET!!!! IT'S SO SOFT AND GOOD AND PRETTY AND CUDDLY AND I LOVE IT!!

What have you been loving?


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  1. Those candles are to die for. They smell really heavenly....
    I love them!!!!

    love, Marjan