Sunday Summary Week 22

My mum, as some of you might know, has also a blog. [click here to go there] Her blog concentrates around our home and the way it's been styled. She's quite becoming a someone in the scene and when there are 'special events' she naturally can't be left behind. So she, my dad and I went on the road to go places. Home-y places, where they sell stuff out of their backyard (but not in the traditional car boot sale-sense, like, proper shops and everything that just happen to be in their house. So not their backyard. Although they are online. Online is where it's at, apparently).

Me being the 'official photographer' of her blog (and actually someone who just enjoys snooping around someone else's houses and taking the occasional home decor piece with me -without the owners of the house yelling burglar to me), I surely don't want to miss out on these kind of occasions (also: photo opportunity for my own blog. COMMING SOON. Need to think about this baby too, right?). Anyway...

Out of the blue I found a nice piece to play around with in my own home-y settings (aka my messy room. It's becoming worse and worse everyday. I'm actually afraid that I've got a poltergeist or something that's making the mess for me). Normally I'm not really a pink-minded girl (says the girl who wore a pink dress when buying a pink blanket), but yes I bought myself (or actually my parents gifted it to my -thanks mum and dad!) a nice ol' powder pink coloured blanket. The main thing you need to know about this blanket is that IT'S SO SOFT!! Just. So. Soft. And sweet. And amazing. And mine. It's mine!!! mwahahahhahahahahahha!!!

I mainly prefer faded colours above... well, not-faded colours. I'm actually thinking about painting my walls this kind of dark olive grey colour (still need to find the right one, though) and I think it'll go lovely with this ol' pink blanket and all the other stuff I own. So, ya know, clothes and such. Shoes. Bags. The real tastemakers for a good decor. ACTUALLY another something that's new and part of the decor is this Big Ben (that's its actual name. Don't know why. It hasn't got a big clock on it or anything). This bad boy is a record player annex CD player annex radio annex USB player annex recording something thingy idk. I mean, that are a lot of things within this ol' school looking record player. A real piece of history that's taken into the future. Isn't it cool? Well, I think it is. It took me a few buttons to push, but I can -with a slight confident smirk- turn on the record player, the CD player AND the USB player. I've practically become an expert, really.

On our road trip we also came across a charity shop where my dad found a knitting book from 1983. The most amazing patterns are to be found within it and I can't wait to get started on one of them. Although at the moment I'm still busy with all kinds of other things (and -still- nearly finishing three of them. So busy, busy, busy....).

How's your weekend been/going?



  1. We had a lovely day on the road!!!
    The blanket is truely made in heaven, SO SOFT!!
    I love it ;)

    love, Marjan

  2. so nice that you and your mum have blogging in common! cute!

    Charlotte Harvs - Blog


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