Trouble With My Baby

I need someone to rely on
A shoulder to cry on
Instead of someone on mine
Gotta draw the line, baby, baby
Paloma Faith - Trouble with my baby 

This week wasn't the best. Besides my mood swings, a lot of things went wrong (which naturally intensified the mood. For the worse). My skin is also being an absolute nightmare due to allergies (the craters on the moon are nothing compared to mine. Rather an achievement, really). And on a particular bad day this week (I bloody hate Tuesdays from now on), they were not just mowing the grass (I used to spell a curse on them when going to the Allergy Centre (sort of specialized hospital in allergies). Some way or another it always seemed that they knew when I was upon arrival and especially mowed something for me, the rascals. However it must be said that on this particular Tuesday the man behind the mowing machine gracefully stopped when he noticed Jack -I was walking the dog- didn't dare to go pass it. In some way I felt guilty about putting a curse on him and his fellows, but as he returned to the job the resentment against it (the job, to be clear. The guy can't help it) came to me in a short breathe, some sneezes and a rash. I damn you, mower!), but also the dress I'd been working on for the whole day turned out to be a potato sack and my computer decided it had enough of me and didn't work anymore. I was quite upset by it all.

I dreamed about this perfect swooshy golden dress and saw it as a vision that could come true. Not. I actually cried when I looked in the mirror to see the end result. I had such high hopes and it was a true disappointment... Although not all hope is lost, yet, I'm determined to make this luscious golden fabric part of my wardrobe. One way or another. My mum goodly advised me to let it in peace for now before putting some scissors into it, before I regret it. And who knows, maybe it isn't as bad as I initially thought... yeah right.

Now computer-drama is a whole other story. Lets just say that we're up and running again, but I had to get in some technical assistant and make a back-up of the whole thing, which I've last done... never. Never ever. So that was quite a task to overlook. But nothing has been lost. Or at least at this moment I'm not aware of it (and I also don't want to be aware of it at any other moment in time).

To end everything on a lighter note, after a very very very very very very very long time, I'm almost done with my long crochet cardigan (which for all who don't know, I've been working on for a very very very very very very long time. Not because it's hard to do, just because I'm very slow). So that's something I'll probably feature on here some time in the future (although having said that, it isn't finished yet, so that could maybe take some more time than anticipated. Hopefully this year, though. Or maybe the next).

ALSO something very very very very cool just happened (do I overuse the word very?). This morning Catrice Cosmetics liked a picture I'd put on Instagram (of their Liquid Metal eyeshadow) and this afternoon the German Vogue liked a picture -also on Instagram- I'd made featuring their newest issue. I mean, I'm hot and happening at the moment. ;)

AND now we're being all positive and stuff, my mum has discovered where the emoticons are on the phone (my mum and I've got the same model), so now I'm definitely abusing that to the fullest extent.

Not a bad week after all.