Liquid Luck

When I saw this Catrice Liquid Metal Eyeshadow in the colour #100 What Do You Sea I was mesmerized. First naturally because of the beautiful colour (I love myself some green. Quite mermaid-y), but most of all because of what it said on the packaging. How could a powder eyeshadow be liquid? Like, that's surely the opposite of eachother. I was intrigued.

The thing is, it isn't liquid BUT it looks like it's liquid. At least that's what the packaging said and I mostly agree with it. The upside of this non-liquid liquid looking eyeshadow is that you can easily layer it upon all your other non-liquid eyeshadows (and I bet you could do the same on those that are). However, by the looks of it you'd anticipate that it'll be very pigmented. WRONG. But that is -as far as I can fathom- the 'liquid' element to this powder eyeshadow.

It's very nice to finish a look with it, to bring that extra sparkle into your life (as if I need that! Yes, yes I do...). It's got great staying power as you'd expect from anything that's got sparkles in them. I mean, once you sparkle you'll probably will sparkle for the coming half year. Although it must be said that this one is rather more shy in the way that it doesn't shed its glitzz all over everything you own. How nice.

All in all I like it. This eyeshadow is as liquid as the desert, but it's a good shadow. Nice green mermaid-y colour and some lovely glitters, what more do you want? (besides it being a bit more pigmented and stuff).

If you want to see this bad boy in action [click here] to go to a video where I just do so... Oh how I treat you lot!