Fish Fingers & Custard

by - May 28, 2015

In my quest of trying to find a good (and most of all matching) foundation, I've stumbled upon the brand La Prairie.

La Prairie has its roots in 1930's Switzerland with the surgeon Professor Paul Niehans. The Professor pursuaded many to go to his clinic in Clerens-Montreux because of his revolutionary techniques of delaying the effects of ageing. And don't we all want that! 

To put word to -further- practice, in 1978 the associated Laboratoires produced their first products under the name La Prairie. Now I myself was not at all familiair with the name, but the brand has been standing tall for about 35 years with their products. The secret?  The use of 'unconventional' ingredients. Take this foundation for instance. Looks quite ordinary like any other foundation you'll find in the shop. However this one has caviar in it. That's right, I voluntarily smear fish eggs upon my face in the name of beauty.

La Prairie introduced caviar into their products in 1987. And with so doing the brand brought another vision on to the skincare world. They found that marine substances, like caviar, have firming properties (so ya know, the power of keeping it all together). Thus putting fish upon your face can be very rewarding. Who'd thought?

A brand that sells fish-foundations isn't scared to stir the world in any other way. Most brands have a division between the colour variation of their products -say foundation- that they sell per continent/country. Asia for instance mostly gets treated with the lighter colours, whereby we European pale faces are left out. However, La Prairie has decided to sell their whole gradient of colours everywhere. So there's a right chance of you finding a good match. Yay!

With the foundation comes a little compartment (disguised in the cap) with concealer, a small mirror, 
a concealer brush and a funny feeling sponge.

The foundation that I've been using is the Dermo Caviar Anti-Cernes with SPF 15. I've chosen for the colour Porcelaine Blush, which is nice and pale (and more pink-based than yellow-based). The stuff itself I've found is very thick and creamy of consistency. However by using just a little you can easily spread it out like butter (a little goes a far way!) which makes it more lightweight on the face. I usually go for a light to medium coverage, but by using the foundation to its full extent you can certainly get a full coverage out of it.

At first my skin had to adapt to my new foundation of choice (as it always has to), but within a week or two we were back in the game. However, I don't know if this is just good service of the store where I bought it or a regular thing, but because of its value you (or at least I could) bring it back to the store and get a refund if your skin isn't as adaptive. Which I thought was a very nice thing of them, but before you decide to purchase it you naturally first need to try it out (ask for a sample! We love some good samples here...).


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