Sunday Summary Week 21

The internet is being painfully slow the last couple of days. However, this won't stop me from posting my Sunday Summary for you, my dearest. Don't you worry!

I'm not one who buys jewelry a lot. I'm quite picky and can never make up my mind. It's becoming a real problem. Well, as much as not giving in to easily is ever a problem in life. However, yesterday -and the day before that- I've purchased some jewelry. Two pieces to be exact (each for one day): This pearl necklace and this coin-bracelet (with our former-former-former queen on it, if I'm correct). I immediately fell in love when I saw these two pieces and just couldn't help myself. Well I could, but I wouldn't. You've got to know when to live, man! Life's too short for not buying some ol' crap from a scammy man downtown. When else are you supposed to do such a thing? On a whims it is! Only on whims...

I'm trying to accessories more. I used to wear 20-something bracelets on each arm, but those days seem to have passed me.... A real shame. I don't even think I own 20-something bracelets anymore. What happened to my life?

On another note: I was wondering if anyone could help me. My technical-skills are clearly lacking at the moment, and so I was wondering if someone could give me some tips and tricks to get rid of the Latin and picture of weird girl holding a cup of -what looks like- tea. Or coffee. Who knows, maybe she's downing some booze. I don't know who she is and why she's written something in Latin under each blogpost I write, but I like her to stop, please. Enough is enough. Anyone who can help me or had a similar problem?



  1. I used to be a many bracelet-ed girl too. Perhaps when you jingle around for such a long time it makes you give up on bracelets... Or something like that? As I haven't worn a bracelet for a good few years. That bracelet you've got yourself there is rather lovely, I must say! I want to go on a bracelet hunt now. I'll come back here and blame you if I end up coming home with forty or fifty after my next shopping trip. Knowing me, they'll end up in my hair or something... And then I'll have to cut them out and it'll all be awful... Oh gosh maybe this is why I quit the bracelets.


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