Sunday Summary Week 18

by - May 03, 2015

Spring my ass! Yes the sun is shining, but it's so bloody cold. I'm freezing my nuts off! (if I had any, that is) And the wind! Don't get me started on the wind...

Last Tuesday I was wearing a skirt and a hat (and a shirt and some shoes etc etc. But the skirt and the hat are of crucial importance in this story). The wind was blowing like a mad one and I had to hold my skirt down because otherwise I'd be flashing everyone (and that's a sight no one wants to see, trust me). So while I'm busy with the downstairs area, upstairs aka my hat gets swept up by a gust of wind and makes its way over the pavements under a bus. Oh, didn't I tell ya I was standing at the bus station where the chances of you dying by being run over by a bus is like very very high?

So the hats under the bus and I'm panicking. As you do. Luckily it was at a quieter time a day so I could easily shuffle to the left (as my hat did before me) with a seemingly smaller chance of getting run over by a bus. Also it was lucky that within a few minutes it was time for the bus to depart and the busdriver had to go backwards due to another bus standing infront of him. Slowly but steady my hat appeared from underneath the bus. I didn't hesitate one second and grabbed it off the ground, and as if it being a victory, I hold it into the air. Smiling. (I actually was on the virtue of crying, but then I reconsidered the situation and thought it was rather hilarious). The busdriver looked at me confused. As did everyone standing around. Although to be honest, many more couldn't care less about me or my hat. A win for me, a lost for them.

So there's a lesson to be learned from here: the wind is a bastard with a bad sense of humour.

Also, look at those pretty flower fields! As you can see -considering that these pictures were taken on another day- wind isn't a rarity in my country. We naturally take great advantage of it with our -famous- windmills. These -which you can't really see on the picture, but trust me- are actually rainbow coloured. Innovative.


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  1. I see the whole picture for me.....
    You diving for your hat....
    Oh how hilarious......

    love, Marjan

  2. Your outfit is gorgeous, I'm loving the denim and polka dots combo! The tulip fields look amazing too. I'd love to visit them one day. Haha, I have hat and skirt probelms too (I live in Scotland). There are so many times I've walked outside thinking "is it going to be calm enough for a hat today?" as it blows off my head.

    Jess xx