April Favourites 2015

by - May 02, 2015

April has been very hectic yet steady. A rather exciting thing happened this last week -for those who don't know- my mum has a blog (about our house/interior) and she's been featured in a long coverage editorial in the Dutch version of the WLS [click here to go and see!] So that's pretty amazing...

In other news: My internship is coming to an end. Just two days to go and then everything's done and gone (well not gone, the museum will probably still be there when I leave. At least I hope for them it will...). It's all a bit weird and sad to go, but all by all I think it's also a good thing. I've learned quite some new things during my time there (as if I was imprisoned), but most of all I've developed myself further as a person. *cringe* I feel like I can achieve something in life. Which is refreshing.

April has been a month of celebrations and goodbyes. A good mixture thus to start the new month (so, ya know, this month) with. Aha. That's it. Enjoy your May! The fifth month of the year, and the last month of Spring (well, here in the northern hemisphere that is)

 April is a promise that May is bound to keep.
Hal Borland



 A white shirt. What would we do without them? I find that the white shirt is just the perfect layering item to put inderneath whatever you like to achieve that 'schoolgirl/preppy' look.

Écriture de Chanel #10 Noir (eyeliner)

The candles from Brdigewater Candle Company in White Cotton, Blue Door and Remember When.

Diane Arbus, Lady Bartender at Home with a souvenir Dog, New Orleans LA, 1964

Carrie Hope Fletcher has brought out "the essential guide to navigating the 'teen age'" aka All I Know Now: Wonderings and Reflections on Growing up Gracefully. As a socalled grown up I think this book will speak to the heart (because when are we really grown up, ey? Child at heart forever...). I haven't read the book yet (or even own a copy of it), but -so far- it sounds fantastic and inspiring and helpful -even for us that already have gracefully (ahum) grown up. Besides, I've always loved the way miss Fletcher put thoughts into words and thus have high hopes of this book being as eloquent, funny and relatable as we're usually treated with.

I've been watching these old 80's documentary-series about Winston Churchill called CHURCHILL: To Conquer or to Die, which is quite intense, interesting and dare me say it fun. Besides naturally WWII and stuff. That's not remotely fun. Ya know what? lets skip the fun part... It ain't no fun, but very interesting and gives you a good inide of the man and the situation he's been put in (and how all of that coherently has lead us -luckily- to victory. Although, with world wars (or wars in general) you can't really talk about victory considering all the suffering and pain that's been needed to get there in the first place).

My staple dish -disregarding whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner appropiate, because WHENEVER WHEREVER- is a combination of vanilla curd, with gluten free and biological oatmeal and honey. Yum yum yum...


Wool shops. I love wool and I love shops. Combining the two may seem like I've arrived in heaven. Just racks and racks filled with all kinds of different wools in all kinds of different colours (from pastel rainbow to glitter metallics and back). It's a dream come true...

Too much love will kill you. Sadly, on this day, my pj bottoms has been badly torn from the behind and will no longer serve in its duty of comfortness. R.I.P.


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  1. That's very exciting for your mother. You must be proud to.
    And I'm sorry to hear that your pj's are in the binch....
    I know you couldn't be departed from them hahaha

    love, Marjan