These Are The Golden Days

by - May 14, 2015

Now that I'm getting to the bottom of this perfume bottle, I thought it to be appropiate to share my love for it.

N˚5 is naturally most famous and in all fairness doesn't need an introduction of some sorts. This scent is as notorious as the words uttered by none other than Marilyn Monroe regarding her nightwear (aka Just a few drops of N˚5  *sigh*). Like Marilyn, the scent has survived decades after its first introduction to the world. And it's still not getting old.

I'd like to think of this scent, and especially the bottle shown here, as being a sign of growing up. Not growing up necessarily as coming of age, but rather the attitude this scent, this bottle, has brought me in life. Something to live up to. When wearing this specific scent I feel as if I can conquer the world (well, not the world. But surely those pesky passengers on the train).

N˚5 wasn't my first perfume or the first smell I can remember tenderly from my mother/grandmother/grandgrandmother/grandgrandgrandmother/other ancient figures. My first perfume for a fact is, if I remember this correctly, either Signature by Christina Aquilera or Velvet Hour by Kate Moss (this was indeed during the prime time when it was yet uncommon for celebrities to bring out their own -mostly unwanted- smells of 'desire'). However, N˚5 was the first thing that I really wanted and was obsessed with (already from a young age). My thought at the time was that if I'd wore this perfume and had some red lips (indeed also branded with the intertwined C's), everything would be alright.

And I was right. Sort of. Naturally a perfume (or lipstick for that matter) can't bring good luck upon you. BUT it can affect your attitude. Spraying some golden drops upon my skin makes me feel confident and secure. Or rather: the scent makes me want to act as it smells. When I smell N˚5, I smell a confident woman who's got the situation under control. I smell what I often don't experience, but it enables me to try to be that kind of person. It reminds me that it's OK to be insecure, but that that doesn't need to mean that you're not the one in control over your own body and mind (and thus the situation that that particular body and mind are put in). Because, little smelly reminder, you are the one making up the rules and you don't have to live on someone else's terms and conditions. Except naturally when you're like on social media or want to be an active member of society. But other than that...


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  1. No 5 is always good!!
    You can wear it always.

    love, Marjan

    1. Living proof of that naturally is miss Monroe (although take the 'living' out of that sentence...). ;)