Sunday Summary Week 19

by - May 10, 2015

To dear mother,

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there in the universe (even alien mums deserve a special day). I hope you -you as being the person who ought to spoil a mum on such a day- have just done that. Because to be honest (and I'm rather honest lately) I'd forgotten. Now, I hadn't forgotten forgotten. I -as in the sense of my sister- had a card and everything a week in advance... That's all very nice naturally, but if you forget to give it to her on the moment supreme, well...

I asked if my mum -as the daughter I am- would like a piece of cake to go with the tea I'd given her BECAUSE I DON'T NEED A SPECIAL DAY TO TREAT MY MOTHER SPECIAL. And she naturally said yes and when I got to cutting the cake I saw this little chocolate thingy on top of it that said "Happy Mother's Day". Shit.

Just imagine that moment. That nerve wrecking moment whereby your mum knows. SHE KNOWS. (and it's actually rather cruel of her to put me in such a position, even if it's her socalled 'special day'). You're just standing there, slightly panicking, and then as if you're a trained ninja, you take a leap upstairs, grab your card and grab your sister (as she was still innocently lying in her bed) and get down stairs (and then realizing that you actually haven't written anything on the card yet so you've got to abort mission, go back up, write something sweet on it UNDER PRESSURE, go back down stairs -again- remember that you've actually hadn't yet cut a piece of cake for her (so commanding your sibling to do just that)) and present it all to her as if it being your master plan from the beginning. Not.

Naturally she sees right through my foolishness (I mean, she could hear me desperately scream my sisters name), but that's not to say that I don't care about her or think she doesn't deserve to be in the spotlight for one day... It's just... well... last night was quite a late one (I was busy watching a documentary about Churchill (and had a little cry after seeing those funeral footage. I mean. That's just sad), some old Doctor Who episodes (to cheer me up a little) and a Foyle's War (keeping it themed) to be accomponied with the last bit of Ben & Jerry's (to add to the sadness of it all I ate it right out of the tub) and a snoring dog. I was well occupied into the late hours (or early morning). Such things can happen and derive you from the facts. The fact that it's for instance bloody Mother's Day, hip hip hooray...)

Nothing to worry about, though. She thought it was rather funny and forgiven our bad memory (I actually think these days were invented to be forgotten as if it being a reflection of you not caring, but I do I do!). #BestAndCoolestMumEver So yeah... I hope by now that all of you are aware of the day in question and have thus treated your woman the way she deserves to be treated. Love ya mum!


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  1. I really found it very funny.....

    love, Marjan