Who Said That?!

by - May 26, 2015

Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.
Edgar Allen Poe

Tee: Vogue Nederland
Skirt: Thrift store
White coat: Primark
Leather jacket: Arma Collection 
Fake fur collar: H&M 
Hat: H&M
Shoes: H&M
Socks: Primark
Bag: Vintage
Lipstick: Chanel Magnolia

Other one's words are most inspiring. Yes, you can probably tell yourself that you can't always get what you want, but there's no power behind them unless Mick Jagger utter them. It isn't necessarily that you aren't aware of the wisdom within you, but others often put it more eloquently and are easier to listen to. Especially famous people, somehow, apparently, know their shizz...

On top of that, famous people are very easily quotable. If they've said it or not, isn't always the point. Basically the name says it all. Or most of it at least. When Elvis talks (or talked. sorry.) about rock 'n' roll, you'd hang on the tips of every word he spoke, waiting for all the revelations that he has -had- to share with the world. But if I, miss no one from nowhere who can't even play a single instrument, tries to share her rock 'n' roll wisdoms with the world -not a lot are interested! (I say not a lot instead of no one because in this digital age there must be someone somewhere with an internet connection up for it, right? Call me... I prefer you not to, though. That'd be creepy (and I've got not much to say. So creepy and awkward. Not the best combination for a party)).

The power behind words is something undervalued. I mean, just take this Vogue tee. The word Vogue brings something entirely different into the picture than for example the word dog.

Words absolutely amaze me. Especially when you think about all the different languages and the different meanings behind those words that can be translated back into your own language. Only we all know it isn't all quite te same (or at least, those who understand both languages are aware of the difference between the meaning of a translated word. And just look at the way sentences are made or how they're spoken out. Truly mesmerizing when you think of it. How do we know that a dog is a dog and that the word dog fits to the image we have of a dog, ya know? What is a dog?).


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  1. Your hat is lovely! x