Sunday Summary Week 26

by - June 28, 2015

It's Sunday. I don't move on Sundays.
Chandler Bing 
(played by Matthew Perry) 

This week I've been ill. And it seems that everyone else has been also. Anyway my mum and I were/are tremendously ill. It's the bloody weather again to blame. WEATHER. Ugh. Anyway, I haven't moved my body since last Wednesday. Not much of a story, I know.

Also APPARENTLY I'm not nice when I'm ill. Who'd thought? Normally I'm miss Sunshine herself (bit of an exaggeration), but when fallen ill I can be quite... Well... challenging, I'd say.

But all in all this has given me the opportunity to 'test out' my new pj bottoms (bought in the H&M sale). And we all know how much I love my pj's! So finally some light at the end of the tunnel (although I wasn't aware that we were in a tunnel beforehand). A great tip to take with you into your grave: always buy your pj bottoms a size bigger than needed. Some extra room at night is always appreciated by the body. Especially when ill. Or hot. (we soon will be facing tropical weather here. TROPICAL! It's not the Bahamas we're talking about!).

Anyway, I'm planning to go and create my own fancy pj collection. A hybrid between a Hollywood Diva and a Stay at Home Mum in the last century. Exciting indeed!


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