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by - September 10, 2015

Oh yes! I love the smell of near extinction!
Cruella De Vil
(101 Dalmatians 1996)

| Coat: Made by me | Dress: Made by my mum | Blouse: InWear | Tights: Hema | Shoes: Van Haren |
| Hat: Vintage | Bag: Primark | Gloves: Vintage | Lipstick: Chanel Rouge Allure #154 Badine |

Although I'm very fond of twirling around in pretty dresses while wearing a tiara on top of my head, I've never been into Disney princesses. *SHOCK*

Most young girls dream of being a princess. BUT NOT ME. 101 Dalmatians and The Aristocats is where my jams at. I mean, who doesn't like talking animals going on an adventure? Well I certainly do! Those two films are basically the only ones I'd watch when I was younger (with naturally My Little Pony to add to the list, but that isn't a Disney production so...). I didn't want none of that Snow White or Cinderella or Belle & The Beast. No! Just 101 Dalmatians and The Aristocats and I'm a happy preppy!

Besides the talking animals, I'd like to argue that both films have the best villains in them. Now you'll probably think I've gone mad, but I'll tell you why these villains are the best villains in the whole Disney genre: They are real human beings. Not some magical creature you'll never ever meet in real life. No. Real human beings that might as well exist in our own little world. Even the extravagant (ahum you mean AMAZING) Cruella de Vil is a real person that -somewhere on this planet- is part of our society.

And there's nothing more to be said about Edgar. Poor ol' Edgar who's working his butt off and still gets a lesser treatment then the cats... No wonder he's grown a grutch against them! (too bad for him that they're so darn cute and shake their tales to jazz, otherwise I'd totally support him).

Judge: Cruella De Vil...
Cruella De Vil: Do call me Ella, Cruella sounds so... cruel.
(102 Dalmations 2000)

I wouldn't necessarily say that I aspire to be either one of them (evil is just not my style), but there ain't no denying in their mad brilliance. It perfectly suits them! And if there's anything in life that we're looking for, it's something to be passionate about. And I don't know anyone who's more passionate about a cause than miss De Vil. Yes she's trying to slay 101 dalmatian puppies in the name of fashion, but at least she's passionate doing so!

Talking about Cruella, I myself am also quite fond of the playfulness of the dot. However, I think that slaying 101 dalmatian puppies is actually a bad thing to do (sorry C). So instead I've opted for the friendlier option of fake fur (as we all should do). And now I can further exploit my fantasies of being the good twin...

Who's your favourite Disney villain?


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