This Is Love

by - September 14, 2015

There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.
Friedrich Nietzsche 

"I'm in love!!", I exclaimed upon arrival of my mystery package. Well, not exactly with those words (it was more like unexplainable noises that came out of my mouth. Practically the same). The packaging is very promising indeed...

Back in July the lovely people of Lunatick Cosmetic Labs were looking for promoters. Naturally I'd already raised my hand just by the thought of it and the deal was sealed within minutes. Like, I was literally speechless (well, it was more like unexplainable noises that came out of my mouth. Practically the same). So.... You could argue that this is my first ever 'sponsored' post. What a weird thing to say. Or type. Thus, just in case anyone doubts it, all the opinions are mine. So lets keep it simple: I go looney for Lunaticks Cosmetic Labs.

Lets start at the beginning:

Fast response/shipping

As stated above -I kid you not- within 5 minutes everything was settled. I don't know who's behind that computer, but you've got some real good skills... 

I'm not a resident of the USA -just to fact check- and as you can read in the Shipping Policy for international orders, sending can normally take up two to six weeks. So you might imagine my surprise when the postman knocked on the door just a week later. I know that shipping time can vary (I mean two and six weeks are quite different), but it's always nice to get something sooner than later. 

Amazing packaging

This goes without saying. I love it when a brand does that extra something to package their products in. It makes believe that they actually care about what they sell (which I definately do not doubt regarding the Lunatick Team. And we can't blame them, how can you not get -overly- excited about their stuff), which is always a nice feeling. Especially little handwritten notes gets me swooning... Even if they felt the need to write me something rude, I'd still be in awh just because it was handwritten...

They didn't write me something rude, just for the record. But still... handwritten.


Every product is talc free, cruelty free and made with vegan formulas. I'm a great advertiser for bringing ingredients into the daylight. If I'm going to put something on my face, at least let me know what it is. And Lunatick certainly doesn't disappoint me! Everything is neatly listed on the individual packaging of the products.

Talking about the individual packaging of the products asdfghghklkjasdlksjadlkjas!! Just look at it! I mean, a lipstick in the shape of a bullet with the tagline "Reloading your idea of beauty"? Praise the genius who came up with that! I got myself one in the colour Cinderhella (I know, I know, they are ridiculously good in giving their products AWESOME names).

Same goes for the glitter. Look at the side of the packaging, take a peek at the name -Ghouls Gold in this case- and... SWOON. It goes without saying that the actual product (ya know that what's inside of it) is a dream come true! Holographic rainbow gold? HELL YEAH!!

The thing I admire most is the quality and pigmentation of the products. A little goes a far way! That lipstick. One swatch and you're good for about 9 cups of tea (I've tried it myself!). Also, I love the way it fades away. I know that that isn't really the 'point', but to me its quite important to be aware of the way a lipstick fades. With for instance Chanel the most degrading happens at the centre of the lips and you get this sort of darker framing on the outside -if you can imagine what I mean. While this one has a very evenly way of application AND fading. I get the important facts down! Journalist at work right here, baby!!

The down side of it all

To quote my dear ol' palls of Queen: I want it all, I want it all, I want it all and I want it now. So the down side is actually good for their business, but less purse friendly.... Oh well, you can't take it with you to the grave, can ya? So might as well enjoy it by spending every penny on makeup.


I've already got my eyes peeled on the Supernatural eyeshadow palette, My Bloody Valentine Loose eyeshadow and if you're at it also some Mint Night Magic and Zombie Nation and some more of those bullet lipsticks/lipslicks in for instance Tainted Temptress and Creature and Bruja and and... I need a lie down....

Take a snoop around the Lunatick Cosmetic Labs site and let me know what's got you looney in the comments below!


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  1. I love it!!!!
    What a nice surprise that it came so soon.
    I love the colors....
    I absolutly love it!!!!

    love, Marjan