Sunday Summary Week 34

by - September 27, 2015

Trains induce such terrible anxiety. They image the possibility of total and irrevocable failure. They are also dirty, rackety, packed with strangers, an object lesson in the foul contingency of life: the talkative fellow-traveller, the possibility of children.
Iris Murdoch 
I'm sitting in the train.
Next to me are three Irish people, two guys and one girl.
A woman walks into the train and asks in Dutch if this train goes straight to Amsterdam Central, or if it also stops at Duivendrecht.
One of the Irish guys says without a doubt Amsterdam Central.
The woman says thank you (in Dutch) and leaves the train.
The other guy and girl look open-eyed at him.
"I didn't know you could speak Dutch?".
"I can't", he replied, "I hoped that that was the right answer to her question".

This week had its ups and downs (the above conversation being a small bump up during miserable times). I started by being ill at home, then being ill at college and then... well... still being ill between home and college. It also doesn't help in those kind of situations (ya know, between the verge of throwing up or throwing down) when you unwillingly participate in a game called 'How many people can we fit into the underground carriage'. To be followed by 'How many people can we fit into the train'. Answer to both: more than you want to know. The best thing that could happen in those kind of situations is OBVIOUSLY when two people start a heated argument (literally. It was so bloody hot in there!) about, well basically about occupation of space. Nice.

It was, btw, the right answer to her question. The Irish guy. Come one! Keep up! Although I must admit that most words can be easily translated into 'your' language (if 'your' is naturally someone who speaks English). So it wasn't really something that should be listed as potential Nobel Prize material, but I think we all agree it was a bold move to make. Bold being one of the favourite words used during a speech held by one of the teachers (nice transition, I know) during a ceremonial. No one wants to be at college during the evening, not even when it's for something good. So safe those words for another time, I've got to catch the train/bus/taxi/sledge/space hopper. *to be followed by yet another game of 'How many people can we fit into [public transportation]'*

A golden rule should be to avoid all buses, trains, subways and any other forms of transportation during rush hour. However when we all do that, the problem would just move to another point of time. So instead of everyone being tired and miserable in the mornings and evenings, we all can be tired and miserable in the afternoons and nights. In fact, we should all just stop moving. Just don't go anywhere. Just sit still, wherever you are, and stay there until the end of infinity. No rush hour and probably no humankind at all because we'd all probably die in lack of food, drinks etc etc. But it's worth a try! So if everyone would please like to stay wherever they are, then I'll just go... nowhere. I deserve a day off!

Where would you like to stay until the end of infinity? (think this one through, infinity is quite a long time, let alone the end of infinity...)


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  1. I stay at home, wit my wool and all my fabrics.
    And ofcourse as many tea as possible.
    Because what is live without tea, wool and fabrics..... ;)

    love, Marjan

    1. My oh my! I wish I could stay at home with you and the wool and tea and fabrics....
      I've got so many projects running around my head, I'm getting dizzy!
      So, that's settled then, I'll be staying home as well. Yay! ;)