Are You Naked Yet?

by - November 19, 2015

My wife was afraid of the dark... Then she saw me naked and now she's afraid of the light.
Rodney Dangerfield 

One of them, one of them, one of them, one of them... Yes, I'm one of them. Maybe a little bit late, but fashionably late I'd say. Since this June/July we Dutchies are finally able to buy Urban Decay in stores. Well, just the one store in Amsterdam (and online, to fact check). So when in Amsterdam...

It's very hard to type words about something when most of the words are already typed by others. But I'll do my very best to produce something remotely 'fresh'. Although, according to Frederic Jameson, everything's a copy of a copy of a copy. As someone has eloquently put it: any text is a new issue of past citations aka intertextuality. With intertextuality you (always) refer to something that's been said sometime somewhere and something that's already been done/made sometime somewhere, in between all this -however- there arises a new narrative (although, a little reminder, everything is a copy of a copy of a copy).

Side note: there are many ways to explain this intertextuality. you could say that this is always applicable on EVERYTHING (because for instance all words have been written in a particular order which we do not depart from. Better known as grammar). Or you could argue that intertextuality only takes place when it's been done on purpose (par exemple: Madonna's Material Girl vs Gentlemen prefer Blondes, where Material Girl clearly mimics the film and plays with this knowledge and image everyone already has of it -the film naturally being iconic and featuring Marilyn Monroe, which brings a whole new dimension onto the table of how people experience the Material Girl video).

To tell the truth, I was expecting the most amazing eyeshadow palette that's ever been created in this universe. Or at least on this earth. But when I finally laid my eyes on the descendants of alien magic, I was a bit... well... disappointed is the right word, I guess. "Is this it?", I said while gazing at Naked 2 and 3. "They are so... shimmery". Shimmery isn't OBVIOUSLY a bad thing, but maybe it was the lighting or the expectations or... idk.... stuff. Long story short: I was about to leave the store, when my mother spotted the Naked palette. The holy grail, the first, the best, the... it looked alright-eyeshadow palette (I know, hold yourself, I've gone wild). As you might've guessed, the thing came home with me. Although I wouldn't have bought it for the full price (I had a cheeky 70% discount. Aha. Cheeky).

YES. Yes, I think this product has been overhyped. However it isn't a bad product. Far from it! It's a good decent product with beautiful neutral every day colours. Basically: You can't go wrong with it.

The packaging reminds me of the bookcovers of The Worst Witch series by Jill Murphy (INTERTEXTUALITY!!), which was my younger versions favourite books to read. So that kept the hopes high for cynical-me while peeling off layer by layer to get to the actual product (Fun fact: I like to get things wrapped as if it being a present. Just to cheer me up, really. Not very environmentally friendly, I know. But, like, I deserve a present or two once in a while, right? Right?! It wasn't wrapped that good anyway. I've seen better. Although it didn't help that the bow was crushed in my dad's backpack... maybe I should start a series of judging wrapping skills of stores. An idea I'll surely write down on my 'crazy fun future posts list', if you're interested).

The packaging -thus- is very pretty and nostalgic (for me), however it isn't greasy-foundation hands friendly. Which is a shame because it scores very high on the 'Is it soft to stroke?' question. Yes it is soft to stroke, but you'll regret it shortly when looking at the result of your greasy-foundation hands imprinted on it. Makes me even wonder if I should pick up the ol' foundation brush again... (fact: who's got time for the foundation brush? Just use your fingers and you'll be A-OK!).

Yes, the eyeshadows are very well pigmented and can be easily blended. You can create a smokey-eye within seconds (which is, like, the only thing I can do with eyeshadow. Or at least that's what I tell myself. It's more like creative painting with an acceptable outcome.... we can't all be makeup artists, right?). Also the names of the eyeshadows are quite cool ('What you're wearing on your lids?' Well a combination of Sidecar, Gunmetal and a bit of Virgin on the outer edges. 'Okay...'). It's pretty. It's soft. I like it.

So, are you naked yet?


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