Weekly List of Loves

by - November 30, 2015

With your loving, there ain't nothing
That I can't adore
Adele - Sweetest Devotion

"Is this the second week in a row you feature Adele in your Weekly List of Loves?" What if. What so. What evs. The interview Adele has given to i-D magazine is just all you want from an interview. It feels honest, close to heart and gives you a smile around your face (and a tear around your eye). I always need to think fast when I see i-D magazine lying in the kiosk at Central Station, because their restock is very fluctuant (this time there were only three lying there). So in a hurry -because apparently trains don't wait for you buying magazines- I grabbed myself a copy AND I'M SO GLAD I DID. In general I'm quite a fan of i-D magazine and this interview... boy, this interview... yes. Just yes.

I came across Miranda Makaroff by 'mistake' on Instagram and I... well... I'm in love. Most of the time I've got absolutely no idea what she's talking about on her blog (Spanish ain't part of my curriculum), but GOALS, man, GOALS all the way. She apparently is already a big face in the scene (but again Spanish ain't part of my curriculum) and has been featured in Vogue, has deejayed for Marc Jacobs and has acted in some Spanish movies. A non-stop girl, thus!

If there's one brand you should keep an eye on, it's The Whitepepper. I absolutely adore every piece they make and just wish with all my wishes of a day I walk around in one of them. To summarize The Whitepepper in three words: fun, edgy and I WANT IT ALL NOW!!!! Take for instance this Fluffy Faced Bag in black. Isn't it adorable yet cool. And just to prove to y'all how cool they are: at the moment they're doing Secret Santa! All you need to do is go to their website, select a price category (varying from 5 to 40 pounds), select your size and they will choose something for you! You can never go wrong with that! *glances sideways to mother-dear* However you'll be needing to get a move on it before today 1 pm. No pressure.

As some of you might remember, at the moment I'm doing research to a fossilised -or to be more specific: calcified- bird's nest (how exciting my life must be). And while being all over Google, sometimes you'll need to get out of your comfort zone, maybe even leave the house (ew, I know) and get out and about doing research like a proper detective. Just imagine this bird's nest being the victim of a crime and you're there to caught the killer! Set your inner Jessica B. Fletcher free and grab yourself your Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass, we've got a murder to solve! Anyway... I got myself a subscription to the National Library of the Netherlands. Books, books and more books! I've never seen so many books at once in my life... And yes, it required me to leave the house, but it was totally worth it! We're on the bridge of catching the murderer.... dumdumdumdummmmmmmm....

What's on your list of loves this week?


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  1. Hahaha. Go go go Dominique Fletcher-Holmes.... ;)
    With Adele you can't go wrong.
    The interview is so real. I loved it.....

    love, Marjan