Weekly List of Loves

by - November 16, 2015

Crying, dying, sighing, whining, shining in the microphone
Dreaming dreams of future time
While she and me are all alone
The Zombies - She Loves The Way They Love Her

The EP Collection of The Zombies is currently on repeat in the Fashioned by Pluche-household. The song She's Not There is naturally being used by Chanel to promote the Coco Mademoiselle perfume. However I got my reminder from the good ol' internet (oh Tumblr, what's one to do without you). After pressing the play button I immediately got grabbed by both arms, holding me tightly, and it hasn't let me go since. Especially the melancholly sound of for instance Summertime -while it's pouring outside- gets me going.

My oh my! Isabel Barense is a girl everyone should know about. She's absolutely fabulous and I'm in total awe of her Instagram. To be honest, I'm super jealous of her pout. Her pout is like none other I've seen before. It's out of this world! Magical, really. Also she makes me want to get dressed up like a true 30's/40's gal and float through the house on tiptoes. *sigh*

I love how a film you've watched a billionth times before still can surprise you in ways you can never foresee. I had this baffling moment when watching 102 Dalmatians (for the billionth and one time) that I laughed about jokes I previously didn't understand as jokes (although I'd like to think that the Dalmatians franchise is ageless- they do take care of the adults). Also, mostly the main thing, is that you notice an actor being that actor. Famously in 101 Dalmations the puppies gets to be kidnapped by Dr House and Arthur Weasley (or as I like to think Father Brown). In 102 it's Prince Percy Percy lugging along all those puppies. Who'd thought?

Next year I'm going to do my minor in Fashion Theories: Thinking Design, Culture & Marketing. Yay! It took some effort to get there, but after all that hard labour I finally received the 'you've been accepted' email. However it was addressed to one Danielle. Who the f is Danielle? A cold sweat came over my body. Do I want to know if this email is really meant for me or not (and take the risk of them replying back with 'ugh no we don't want you, we want Danielle'). Decisions, decisions. I ultimately chose to play it safe and ask if the email was meant for me and it was. Again: Yay!

Fun side story:
I'd never heard of the school I'm going to follow this course before, but apparently it's en route the same metro I take daily. However I can't remember seeing feathers on the train (I like to imagine that every to be fashion student is wearing a feather headdress, like in Vegas. I would if I was a to be fashion student. And maybe for that fact alone I'm not a suitable candidate. Those headaches must be killing). Anyway, before this I'd never heard of them, never seen one of them etc. The other day I missed my train and stood rather helplessly staring at my phone to see when the next one was coming. Suddenly a girl walks up to me. 'Hi, I'm from that school you've never heard of and seen anyone of (she didn't exactly use those words) and for a school subject I'll be needing to take pictures of people I think look cool. I think you look cool, may I take a picture of you?'. I was absolutely flabbergasted. Any moment from there I thought she was going to burst out singing, other people joining her in and starting to dance a routine (ya know, musical-style). She didn't, unfortunately. She took my picture and disappeared in the crowd. If I'd known the occasion I would've made a bit more effort. Oh well...

What's on your list of loves this week?


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