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by - November 02, 2015

I learned my passion
In the good old-fashioned
School of loverboys
Queen - Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy 

| Turtleneck: Zeeman | Skirt: Vanilia | Wrap: Made by me. Duh. | Tights: Hema | Shoes: Van Haren | Lipstick: Chanel Rouge Allure in Badine #154 |

Romance is in the air when wearing this wrap around your neck. You don't need yourself a loverboy to get you going! Some pink fake fur can replace every smelly subject of desire.  
Take lesson from me! 

You're only 6 steps away to get yourself a Valentino, just for you. I'm not quite certain if it can dim the lights and sing you songs full of sad things, do the tango or serenade and play on your heart strings. But surely it will keep you warm with love heat!

What I've used 
50x90 cm pink fake fur
Sewing machine
Thread and needle

1. Fold the fabric with the good sides (the hairy bits) on top of each other.
2. Sew the long sides -thus the 90 cm- together.
3. Turn everything inside out.
4. Put the ends (so the smaller 50 cm sides) of the -future- wrap together (this way the good sides are yet again reunited).
5. Sew the ends together. Leave a gap of give or take 5 cm.
6. Turn everything inside out through the gap and stitch it up with thread and needle.  
That's it.

Light some candles, throw some rose petals into the air and snuggle up!


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