Sunday Summary Week 38

by - November 29, 2015

There Isn't Time (Goya Series) by John Baldessari, 1997

I like to juggle with one ball at a time. 
Then I put the ball down and do nothing for extended periods of time.
Rowan Atkinson

I know, I know, blogging ain't a priority at the moment, which leaves this space here anxiously quiet (although, admittedly, it's been quieter. However I've just written another Weekly List of Loves for tomorrow and just can't stand the thought of it to be right next to the other one I did last week. So why not throw in an odd Sunday Summary to break up the pattern. Before you know it it's the only thing you'll ever see on here... *sigh* I want to be cool, I want to be edgy, I want to be cute, I want to be smart and I want to be good at time management, is that so much to ask for, Santa?).

It's a matter of juggling at the moment. And I'm very very bad at juggling (my hand-eye coordination literally sucks). My time is either being devoted to school OR to sobbingly singing along to Adele (told you so). AND -blogwise- I'm being quite busy preparing for something special... (yeah, yeah, it's almost bloody Christmas, we get it). Which leaves little to no time to actually prepare something for the here and now. Well, it would be possible if I was better at time management (Santa's working on it, right?) and, ya know, if I had some sort of structure or organisation to the things I do. Hell! Last time I updated my planner was about two months ago. Although I find myself being a queen in making listst. And also a queen in not following that list and making another list to also not follow. Pro tip: Write things down you've already done, makes it seem as if you're very good at keeping yourself together. 'Waking up? Check! Breakfast? Check!' What's more to it??


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