Sunday Summary Week 37

by - November 15, 2015


Tears are words that need to be written.
Paulo Coelho

Well... what's there to say. The world is a weird place. One moment you're caught up in everyday life with it's mundain tasks and just, ya know, life. And it'll take only a second before mundain turns into tragedy. Before mundain gets to be swept away from under your feet. Basically it's unfair. It's all unfair and unnecessary. It's just a big surreal blob of unfair, unnecessary and scary shit.

As it goes, for most of us who are an outsider within this situation, you -eventually- will carry on with your day. Not because you want to, but just because life goes on. And that, again, is scary shit. Why doesn't time stop? Why do we not all freeze and stand still forever and ever? (with naturally the obliged toilet and tea break every hour or so). Why not? (besides the fact that thereby you can say that 'they' have won).

So after the goosebumps and tears have faded away and you're sort of glad you won't be needing to go to Amsterdam this Monday. Which is, I admit, a weird immediate thought I had after hearing the news. But it's part of the list, ya know. You've got Paris, London, Berlin, Amsterdam... And I know, as many have pointed out, these kind of situations aren't as rare as it seems to be. That these kind of situations happen elsewhere in the world and no one seems to be as bothered (bothered obviously being the wrong word to describe it with). But -and this may sound very naive and heartbreaking and unfair- this is very close to home. It's very shocking and upsetting to hear such news elsewhere in the world, but you can't visualize it as much when you see the images on your screen in comparison to seeing the images of somewhere you've once walked. Which, just to be clear, doesn't take away the importance of one situation over another. In fact it goes to show how we're all connected and battle with the same fears.

So instead of watching the news all day (and seeing those terrible images over and over again) I kept myself occupied by doing research to a fossilised bird's nest, as you do. I sometimes wonder if all the bad things will cease to be visible and therefore eventually will disappear if we're all occupied by doing research to -for instance- fossilesed bird's nests. If only it worked that way! The world, I honestly think, would be a better place. Or at least a little bit different.


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