by - December 01, 2014

Today is the 1st of December. FACT. And this means one thing and one thing only: this year is coming to an end. And Christmas. So, two things really. Although one leads to the other... Which actually brings me to thing number three: Vlogmas! I'll be doing (or atleast trying to do) Vlogmas this year (try in the sense of bloody Windows Movie Maker that's been acting up).

For those who don't know what Vlogmas is:
Vlogmas is a thing on the internet, specifically YouTube-related I think, whereby one will upload videos upon the platform until Christmas. Yay. So if you'd like to see that, you can head over to my YouTube page thingy and, well, let the magic happen before your eyes (atleast when Movie Maker feels like moving again... *sigh* Timing is key).

Dress: Made by my mum | Blouse: Part Two | Tights: Primark | Shoes: H&M | Barret: H&M | Brooch: Don't know...

As classic December goes, it's really (like really) cold outside. And dark. And wet. But when sat inside with a big cup of tea, I quite like it. However walking the dog is almost a tragedy. Jack and I both don't want to go outside, which makes us being longer outside than wanted because we just can't hurry up. I stand frozen in the forest and he's turning his but around trying to find a warmer place to, well, place his turd. A nice picture indeed...

Coat: Made by my mum | Hood: Made by me | Dog: Jack

To summarize:
December, Vlogmas, turds.

Go watch day 1 of Vlogmas here! ;)


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  1. I just love everything about this outfit way too much ! Perfect !
    Good luck with vlogmas, I'm sure it will be quite a challenge. Looking forward to watching all those videos.

    Charlie xx

    1. Merci beaucoup! Hahaha, yeah, Vlogmas is already very challenging and it's just started... oh well. ;) Also I like to add that I really enjoy reading your blog (although my French isn't what it used to be). So yeah, keep on typing!