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McBusted proves that fun is a very important thing in life. When I first heard Air Guitar I was a bit disapointed and I didn't really like it. "But why?", I asked myself. As someone had said to me earlier that day (regarding Taylor Swift and the way she's been projected onto us in the media and how this has influenced a lot of opinions without, like, having a ground reason) "why don't you actually like it?". Now there ain't no shame in not liking something, but there has to be a reason for it. Not just because. Because because is the easy way out. Because is basically stupid when not followed with some actual cause (and "just because I do" ain't a given). And I thought really hard about and I listened to it again and again and again and, well, I just had a blast of a time. I like it.

You think there's nothing there
It's simply made of air
You laugh but you're just scared
Try it if you dare

This song is like McBusted. In the first and foremost place it's fun. F-U-N. The boys beam out this atmosphere around them that makes you feel fuzzy and happy and exciting and all of the good stuff. They're like comfort food, really. A sugar rush. Chocolate-chip cookies.

The first time I heard Air Guitar I felt it was a bit shallow. I'm one of those people who like to find depth within everything. And so I did after my listening-session. You can interpret this song as something that goes beyond the concept of just an air guitar (bare with me). It can be seen as an acceptance of yourself. Just do what you want to do instead of following everyone else's rules. Instead of waiting to get invited to a party, you create your own one. Instead of feeling embarrassed or the pressure of what everyone else is doing, you just ignore it and do what you want to do because you know that you are "winning". And what else in life do you want? You can say to yourself "I'm having a good time and I don't care what others think of it". Just having some (shameless) fun. Letting yourself go, may this be in your mind...

I know I'll never make it
But tonight I'm good enough to fake it
Bend an imaginary string and break it, replace it
In the backstage of my mind

The album self is, I think, very contemporary. This is mainly shown through the lyrics and the references they make (especially Before You Knew Me). This can be a hazzard in some years that it'll lose it's power of usage (the reference will only be picked up by a specific generation. Although it can be said that McBusted self is a reference that maybe won't be understood by some generations or groups. Although the thought or the concept can still be as strong as ever without the realization or knowledge of the history lying behind it. History is often more an interpretation than a fact upon fact upon fact). I must say that I really like the album and that you can clearly hear the influences that each party has brung to this collaboration/formation. Also a great tip for those wanting to see more of the boys, specifically mr. Fletcher, you should check out his youtube-page. He's also doing Vlogmas and that are some videos you don't want to miss!

That's all folks!


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