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As stated before: The Veronicas are back! Their newest album has just launched and I for one am loving it!

Badass Aussie twins, Jessica and Lisa, have done it again! It took some time, but ya get what you want... The album is more pop-esc than expected, but nonetheless I'm very excited and happy as how it's turned out to be. Almost as proud as a mother (almost in the sense that I'm not a mother. But proud man! Proud!).

They've named the album after themselves which I think says a lot about the way they think about this album and the way we ought to perceive it. I think. Or something among those lines. It's quite a bold statement to make, really. Same goes for making your first single a balad (which can be said about that that's mostly the second, if not third choice for a single). Next in line, if I'm correct, is Line of Fire. I absolutely love the contrast within that song between the breathy way of singing and the more crisp sound of the chorus.

At the moment my favourite songs on the album are (in order of appearance):
Sanctified, Always, You Ruin Me, Cold, Let Me Out and You and Me... just saying. Not that you get much out of it, because frankly I love it all. I feel that when you listen to the album from front to back you take off on a journey, a story. *sigh*

I feel that most of the lyrics are very story telling, indeed. The main theme is love and the many ways this can be expressed (and naturally the many ways love self can transform into). The other day I came across this quote by Joan Crawford which I think has a great reflectation upon this album:

Love is a fire. 
But wether it is going to warm your heart 
or burn down your house, 
you can never tell.

I'm a bit gutted that Dead Cool, Heart Like a Boat, Set It Off or Cross My Heart aren't on the album (they already stated that Cross My Heart wouldn't be on the album anyway, but one can hope...). But other than "I want more! More! More!", there are no complaints on this side. Although there's been whispers that there'll be a deluxe album with 4 to 6 bonus tracks. So... *fingers crossed*

If you're looking for a present to put under the Christmas tree this might be it (this may naturally also be for yourself. Pro tip: Just act surprised when finding this "extra" gift).

Have you, yeah YOU, already listened to their new album? What do ya think?

Also, if you can't have enough of The Veronicas (and lets face it, they've been "out of the picture" for what felt like a thousand years) you should check out their live performance on the World Famous Rooftop... Some good jams that is.


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