by - December 25, 2014

To the and thine
From me and mine-
A hearty Christmas Greetings!

Merry Christmas everyone! May you all sit in your comfortable clothes under the misletoe sipping on some good green tea and a nice Christmassy chocolate! This, I think, will be the last post of this year (however don't hold me to it). And subsequently today is also the last Vlogmas video of this year. I quite enjoyed it, but as we came nearer to the end, the quality dropped a bit... Oh well, what to do about it... For the die hard Christmas spirit lovers, I've composed a playlist over on my youtube page/channel/that thingy where the videos are, so you can watch all of Vlogmas in one row (you can click here to go to the playlist). Whoop whoop! If that doesn't sound like fun, than I don't know what does...

Vlogmas has showed me that 1) we're not the festive kind of people (although I quite knew that because we don't have anything Christmassy in tha house. Except naturally for the luminous reindeer I got from my aunt this year (sidenote: When you type reindeer into Google Translate you get to see this:

Now I don't know if this is just especially for the holidays or not (when else do you need to check if reindeer is indeed spelled reindeer then at Christmas?), but how festive of you Google! I'm proud!). And 2) Vlogmas has inspired me in some way and thus I'll try to make more videos in the next year. Again, the quality might be a bit -excuse my language- shit, but who cares?! It's all about the fun, amiright?

And that's it, I guess. Merry Christmas and *hopefully* till next year!


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