This Dior palette is a limited edition from the spring collection back in 2013. Spring back then was all inspired by the iconic bow of the house and was transformed into something very feminine, sophisticated and playful. And pink. Don't forget the pink. These three *ahum* four things play obviously an important role in the design of this palette.

There's a dark and light grey, a pink highlighter, a black liner, some gloss for the lips and two applicators. A full house indeed! All has been tucked away in this beautiful decor, which is just absolutely stunning. And I must be honest with y'all, it was the packaging that sealed the deal. Just look at it. Look at it! Isn't it just amazing?!

The colours self are also very nice and feel silky on the skin (oh all of the luxury!). I'm especially in awe of the highlighter. It's very subtle, but it's also entirely face changing, if ya get what I mean. It adds something to the face and you almost can't help yourself than to go crazy with it. Some highlighter on the brow bone, on top of the cheeks, some on the nose and naturally a bit on the cupid's bow and, well everywhere else on your face. *sparkles*

The eyeshadows are quite lucid when you first apply them onto your skin. However, you can build the colour up very easily and when using your fingers you'll find that they're very pigmented. So it might just be the applicater that's a bit -please excuse my language- shit. But besides all that, the colours are easy to use and to incorporate into your "daily routine" (says the girl who only wears browns and greys on her eyes... very easy indeed).

I don't think you can get yourself one of these anymore. *sorry* But look at it! It's so pretty...


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