by - February 02, 2015

Deodorant is like socks: very important, but not that much talked about. Or atleast not as much as for instance lipstick. However, I like to state that probably more people use deodorant on a daily basis than lipstick. Or atleast, more people should use deodorant on a daily basis than lipstick... The deodorant that I've been using lately is the Rexona Maximum Protection.

The Rexona Maximum Protection is there for "the hard working woman". Although most of my work at the moment is desk-bound, I also sometimes need an extra hand. I'm not that much of a sweaty person, but I like how this deodorant adjusts itself to the situation it's been put, if ya know what I mean.

The deodorant doesn't really have a distinctive smell and is very much something more in the background than to disguise "bad smells". Which I personally prefer, because what's the use of wearing some fancy perfume if no one can smell it above the noise of my deodorant?!

You apply the product with a sort of roller/push up thingy, which has an up- and downside to it. Up: I won't get killed by chemical fumes (side note: don't spray deodorant infront of someone with asthma and allergies. Just saying). Down: It stains like hell. You really have to leave it to dry for a good few minutes, otherwise your clothes will get marked with a lovely white stain that's a real pain in the butt to get removed... yay.

Rexona Maximum Protection does what a deodorant is made for, doesn't smell (in a overly protective deodorant way), but unfortunately stains like there's no tomorrow. It saves itself however from this flaw by protecting you for 48 hours strong (which it, for a change, actually does... surprise surprise).


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