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1. PALOMA FAITH!!! | 2. Been smelling of #5 lately... | 3. YSL Shocking mascara for the win. | 4. On our way to the craft fair in Zwolle (more about that later).

Before we get started with the main thing, I wanted to note that I wasn't a big fan of the YSL Shocking mascara. BUT someone told me to let it dry a little bit, so I did, and I really enjoy it now! That's quite shocking indeed! My Volume de Chanel has been dried out and I want to wait before buying a new one so I can try out some other stuff. Besides the YSL one, I've also got a sample of the Sublime de Chanel and I really want to try out a Dior mascara (because I never ever have tried out one of those). But for now I'm really favoriting the YSL Shocking mascara. Who'd thought??

Last Thursday I went out to see Paloma Faith. Oh yes, you've heard me right. Paloma. Freaking. Faith. And it's safe to say that it was absolutely bloody amazing. Obviously. Initially I'd go with Demi, but she couldn't come, so I went with my dad instead. He was a little bit reluctant because he thought she made jazz music (and he really really doesn't like jazz). And it didn't matter how many times I said that her music isn't jazz, he wouldn't listen.

The concert took place at Paradiso. I'd never been there before, but Demi said it was on the other side of the Melkweg (where Gerard Way performed). So I thought it was literally on the other side of the Melkweg. It wasn't. So me and my dad we're looking around and couldn't find any signs to point us into the right direction. Now the problem of Amsterdam is that almost 99% of the population aren't from Amsterdam. But my dad took the risks and asked this girl if she knew where Paradiso was. Luckily we'd encountered the 1% and she could tell us indeed where Paradiso was. So after her instructions we followed our way (or better said, we'd gone completely wrong and had to walk back all the way we came from and then take a completely different turn *sigh*).

Paradiso is a hard place to find if you've never been there and have no idea how it looks like. We were wondering around to where the girl had pointed us, and to be honest, we were still a bit lost. Then my dad saw this small queue of people infront of a building. Now the question we should ask ourselves is how often are people queuing infront of a building (considering that this isn't England and queuing isn't considered to be a national treasure). So we decided that we had found it. And we had! (after we asked the people in the queue. Just to be sure. They laughed at us).

Before Paloma entered the stage there was Jake Isaac who used his voice in our favour. I'd recommend everyone to go and check him out. His voice was quite pleasant and his music, although all songs sounded a bit the same, is nice to listen to (he himself was also an absolute charm, so maybe that worked in his advance *wink wink*).

Paloma was absolutely blooming amazing. I can't describe the feeling I'm still experiencing. It was almost life changing. My dad said after the show that this is one of the best concerts he's ever been to (and he's seen Michael Jackson and Tina Turner perform, just to give you an idea of how much this means). Also, I was so close!!! I only could be closer if I was rubbing my body against her, which would be a bit inappropiate I guess...

First I was a bit on the side of the stage, but gradually I'd maneuvered myself to the middle, so I'd an absolutely fabulous view of all that went on (and trust me, a lot went on). Luckily this also meant that I couldn't see the masses that was behind me. Normally I'm not that good in a crowd, but when you're at the front the game changes. Also I was a bit afraid that people would like, I don't know, crush me to death or something. But none such thing happened. This may also be because the crowd was on average a bit older (like between 20 and 40 (or 52 in my dad's case. But mentally he's still quite young to fit into my estimate. Although, depends on the day. But that day he was a young living bird, flying around all happy. The day after however... I think we both have aged with +30 years. The worse thing was that the next day we both had to get up early to go to work/school. That was a bit of a tragedy, but I managed myself. Just.)).

Paloma was wearing a leather blouse with ruffles on the front and a baby blue feather skirt with some black feathers mixed into it. It's needless to say that she looked gorgeous and her stage presence is mesmerizing. You can't help than to look. Even if you try really really hard, your eyes still will take a little peek (also what would be the point in going to see someone perform if you keep your eyes shut for the whole time, just put a record on then). The thing with Paloma is that she sings everything with such an ease, if you know what I mean. Her voice just smoothly makes these incredible sounds that can fill up a room and grab the intention. The acoustics were also amazing. With Gerard Way the sound was a too loud for the room he was performing in, while the guys at Paloma nailed it and made it an absolute delight whereby the sound filled the room, but didn't drown it.

I think the best experiences are those that are inspiring in any way. Paloma I'd describe as a ball of wool, whereby you get given the ball of wool and it's up to you what you'll knit of it. That could actually also be a synonym to living your life. You don't just get something and walk around with it for the rest of your life. NO! You are the one who can knit or crochet or weave or even spool that one ball of wool whatever you seem appropiate. And if you don't like what you've created, you can always pull everything out and start from scratch again (is it obvious that I went to a crafts fair today? All my brain can think about at the moment is wool and quilts). Making a point: I LOVE YOU PALOMA!!!


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