by - February 08, 2015

1. Tried out some Ben & Jerry's ice cream the other day and I really really liked it. | 2. Last Friday was my mother's 50th birthday! She's gettin' old now, isn't she. ;) | 3. On the road again. | 4. A nice cup of tea and knitting ready, so I can finally settle down and relax...

I don't mind being busy, but I'm very busy at the moment which leaves me with almost no time to invest into other stuff (like for instance knitting and sewing and such important things). However it must be said that last week I finished the first book of the year within a week (funnily enough not the first book I started reading this year). So that will go on the list, naturally. At the moment I'm reading two books at the same time (last week I was obviously reading three books at the same time. Just saying). And apparently not many people read more than one book at the same time. So, ya know, a little inside into my life and things.

The down side to being very busy is that you're also very tired (which leads to such nonsense as above. So I'd like to apologize for this rubbish. But you can't always have diamonds for breakfast, because otherwise you're digestive system will be cut into pieces, I imagine (if there's anything that has the power to cut your digestive system into pieces, than it must be diamonds) Again I'd like to apologize for the words written down. I don't even know what I'm doing (not that I generally know what I'm doing, but ya know, hopefully something better than this...)).

The coming week will, again, be very busy (I'm allowed to go and pack in some Haute Couture and set up some Rodin statues instead. What a live I life...). How's your week been?


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  1. I found some time to knit and sew between my busy schedule ........
    Hope that you can find more time to do so....

    Love, Marjan