by - February 01, 2015

1. Busy at work... | 2. Waiting is keyword to my current travel habits. ;) | 3. Some more bloody snow. | 4. And finally the weekend arrived (and passed *sigh*).

I see you comb your hair, and gimme that grin.
It's makin' me spin now, spinnin' within.
Before I melt like snow, I say "Hello, how do you do?"
Roxette - How Do You Do?

This week I've started my internship at a museum. My life has never been as structured. I wake up, get ready, put something in my mouth that resembles some kind of food because I ain't got no time because I decided at that very moment when I'd ought to get out of bed to just turn around one more time while the clock kept on ticking, I run for the bus, I wait for the bus, I get into the bus, I arive at the station, I wait for half an hour for another bus (at the moment while listening to Blue and reading The Second Book of General Ignorance: Everything You Think You Know Is Still Wrong by John Lloyd and John Mitchinson with an introduction by dr Stephen Fry), I get into another bus, I get out of the bus, I walk for about six minutes, I ring the bell, I get into the building and I work till about half past five, then I go home (so walking for about six minutes to the bus stop again), same routine with the bus (although this week my dad picked me up. How very sweet of him!), I eat some food, I do something that isn't worth remembering, I go to bed, I sleep and repeat. And that will be it probably for the coming three months... Not that I'm necessarily complaining (although more sleeping hours would be nice). I'm quite lucky with my museum and the people and the tasks I've got given. There's no time to be bored or sit around and everyone's friendly so, ya know, what else do you want?

I've watched this documentary yesterday about David Bowie (because what else does one do on a Saturday night??) and if I had to name one thing that I've learned from that, is that everything changes. You change, your environment change, your situation change, your opinion and preferences change, your thoughts, your desires, hopes and dreams. Everything changes. As he naturally famously sings: "Time may change me, but I can't trace time." And that in a way reminded me of how we (or I. But lets get big talking in the "we" sense) make decisions that influences our change and how this is first of all very personal and something you shouldn't look back at as it being a mistake or a mishap. At that moment in time it was your choice or at least the circumstances you were in. Those decisions, choices and changes were there for a reason.

If there's anything we can learn from, it must be our past. May this be in the grand terms of history in general sense, or just your personal growth and how there's still a way to reinvent into something that's been molded. For instance like a Rodin statue. Something that's intentionally not completely finished (maybe because there's no such thing as perfection or completion).

I've also watched X-Men: First Class for the first time (today actually). And the strong note that you (I) can take from that, in combination with Bowie's story, is that personal acceptance is maybe the most important thing you can achieve in life. Acceptance in who, what, where, when and how you are. As it's with Erik's/Magneto's ability that's fuelled by anger and pain. However there's more power, as Charles/Professor X states and proves, in serenity (which relies I think on acceptance and such). Food for future thoughts, maybe... (because now I'm too busy to think). Have a nice day/week! (also happy first of the month everyone! May your February be wild and wonderful...)


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