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I've never started this blog with any goal, but I think I've reached it. The lovely Maggie Gammons from Futile Ramblings has nominated me for a Liebster Award. Now I personally wasn't aware of any Liebster Award nominating stuff thing. But apparently it's this sort of blogger "ritual" whereby you nominate people and ask questions and they answer them and then they nominate someone else and ask them some more questions and... well, basically here are the rules:

- Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog
- Answer the questions given by the nominator
- Nominate 11 other bloggers who have less than 200 followers and link them
- Notify all the bloggers you nominate
- Create 11 new questions for your nominees to answer.

So yeah, thanks again Maggie for your questions. It would be my honour to answer them. Also, I don't know if you know this about me, but I've got a weird affection toward the number 11. Just a little fact for you there. But let's get these questions answered!


1. You have a spaceship that can take you anywhere in the solar system. What planet would you go to first? (Disregarding science for a while.)
Hey, there's nothing on Earth that could save us, when I fell in love with Uranus...

2. What's your third favorite song from your second favorite album?
A little confession here to make, I don't have a favourite song or album or basically I haven't really a favourite anything. I'm such a party pooper! However, to not let a good question go to waste: lets say the album Guilty from Blue with Walk Away. Yes, that'd be a good choice. Either that or Let Them Talk by Hugh Laurie with Battle of Jericho.

3. Unicorns or dinosaurs?
Depends. But I like the different ways the features of an unicorn can be transmitted to anything else (and how you can immediately see that it's part unicorn).

4. Who's your favorite poet?
I don't actually have a favourite poet because [see question 2], but I do really like poets/poems that tell a story or setting within the words- as if you can feel them flying in the air, touching your skin. I think for me poetry isn't as much being specifically known with the oeuvre of one poet, but more a random collection put together with the emotion it can bring me (or the curiosity it withdraws).

5. Scar story. How'd you get your biggest/most gruesome scar?
Well, this isn't the most interesting story (and a bit long too, so you can skip this if you're not interested. I wouldn't blame ya!), but back in 2009 my mum and I -for whatever reason- went out and about on a scooter. When riding on the bicycle path (it was that kind of scooter that's allowed to drive on bicycle paths, so you know, we weren't going that fast) we got to this crossroad whereby the bicycle path gets to be crossed with the road. Now, it's supposed to be that people on the bicycle path may precedence, but a white van (it's always a white van, isn't it?) thought na-ah and crossed the road anyway. But so doing, he hit the back of our scooter whereby my mum got catapulted over the front steer and I, dramatically, went down with the ship (or scooter in this case).

My mum was unconscious, so you know, all attention went to her at that time and I just stood there shaking (I can even remember that when the police came, they thought that I'd driven the scooter -I hadn't because I was too young to drive. But they didn't believe me because I wore red lipstick. And we all of course know that red lipstick is only worn by people who drive scooters- and asked for my ID, but I didn't had my ID on me and I thought that they were going to put me in prison. They didn't, naturally. But I genuinely begged the police officer if he'd please wouldn't send me to prison).

So the ambulance came and the doctor asked if I was alright (uhm, no, I just got hit by a car and my mum's laying there unconscious on the ground) and asked where I'd fallen on. Well, I'd fallen on my side, specifically on my arm, but everything felt alright at the time. So he stretched it a few times and said there was nothing wrong. We all got into the ambulance (Maroon 5 was on the radio, just to give you a little setting) and went to hospital. Arrived at hospital my mum was awake and got tested on all kinds of things (they were worried that she might had inner wounds. She hadn't, luckily). And as they went on, my arm began to hurt more and more. Naturally I didn't say anything about it, until my mum noticed my weird position and asked if they could look at my arm. As you all might've guessed, it was broken. But in quite such a weird way that they had to operate me the next day (which is also a long story, but a short summary: the next day my surgery got delayed because the night before this boy had fallen head to toe, with his bike and all, into a dumpster and broken his arm. There's indeed no question that he was drunk. So when it was finally my time to go, they had to withhold all operating rooms because of an attack on the queen (it was Queen's Day) whereby a lot of people got hurt (and sadly died)).

They'd put this sort of iron into my arm so it could heel straight, but me being me, I got an allergic reaction to it so they had to rush to get it out. When they finally got it out, the wound naturally still excisted and I got an infection whereby my flesh got slowely eaten away. After it finally got away (after the second time. Yes, that's right, I didn't got it once, but twice), I had almost no skin or anything on my elbow left so they had to take some fat from my butt and put it into my arm (where butt's aren't good for, aye?). So yeah, that was quite an unlucky event for me (and my mum naturally. I got away lucky in that aspect if you see all the damage on her body...) which has left me with a gruesome ugly-ass scar.  
Whoop whoop.

6. Best meal you've ever cooked?
I'm a VERY bad cook. But, if I may say so myself, my gluten-free muffins are to die for.

7. What body of water is your favorite? (Rivers, oceans, lakes, baths, etc.)

8. Describe the scariest teacher you've ever had.
I think all the teacher's I've ever had, had something not right about them.

9.  Would you rather go into space or the bottom of the sea?

10. Is there a story behind your name? If so, what is it?
Yes! There's this song from a Belgian band (Clouseau) called Domino and my mother wanted to call me just that. However my dad wasn't that fond of the idea and they turned it into Dominique. I personally quite like the idea of being called Domino, but luckily they didn't (just imagine all those pizza jokes...).

11. What type of art are you most inclined to creating? (writing, drawing, painting, photographing, fashion designing, music-making, etc.)
All kind of art! Life is art! Don't limit yourself, try to experiment and find different ways to express yourself!


And that's it! That wasn't to bad, right? Now I think you're not supposed to, like, nominate your nominator, right? That'd just make the circle go round and round and round... that's not the point of it all. I think. So yeah, sorry Maggie, but here are the nominees (in no specific order):


I nominate...

1. Eenvoud & Simplicity
2. Quite Special
3. Charlie, Les Chroniques
4. The Velvet Epidemic
5. Styleynn
6. Tanith Rowan Designs
7. Under The Spell
8. Dear mr Rabbit
9. Chloe Hearts Owls
10. Original Vintage Queen
11. The Dream Crochet Blog.

And the questions are...

1. How's your day been?
2. What flavour tea do you enjoy most?
3. What's the last beverage you've spilled on yourself?
4. What's the last thing you've googled?
5. Cats or dogs?
6. What's your favourite smell?
7. What kind of food resembles your personality (and why)?
8. What's the background picture on your phone/computer?
9. What's your go-to song when you're sad/happy?
10. Do you've got a daily ritual?
11. Do you've got any plans for tomorrow?

Good luck and have fun! ;)


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