by - November 17, 2014

Sometimes you come across products whereby you instantly think "YES! This is IT!". I've got this with the Hydra Beauty Gel Crème by Chanel. The first time I tried it on I was immediately sold. Although, that's a lie. The first time the lady who was helping me in the shop opened the lid and I could smell the product, I was immediately sold. Without even putting it on my face. However, when I did put it on my face I'd basically settled for my future.

The smell is very fresh, light and... well just lovely. I wish they'd sell it as a perfume or something because I absolutely love the smell of it! Every morning when I open the lid I first take a deep sniff before getting started. It's a very distinctive smell, I think, but not like in your face or harsh or anything. It's very subtle. And again, because I haven't said it enough yet, I absolutely love it!

I've opted for the gel version but there's also a "normal" cream one. I personally prefer the gel because it's very lightweight and easy to equally apply/spread around your face. You don't need much, just a touch and your whole face is covered (you even get a little spatula with it so your germs won't infect the product. I mean if that isn't luxury, I don't know what is...). The product sinks in very fast and within seconds after application you can already feel your face being all hydrated. And soft, man! So soft!

The gel is very refreshing and gives your skin an instant boost while it also keeps your skin hydrated during the day. It states that it's especially developed for normal skin. I've got mixed skin (best of both worlds *sighs*) and I still find it very suitable. I've got some dry patches here and there (especially my nose-area has always been a real troublemaker), my forehead and upper-cheaks are sometimes quite oily and the rest of my face is just there. But I've found that when I use this regularly (you can use it as a day- and night cream) my face becomes a whole again. Somewhat of a reunion, really...

Besides it being very hydrating, it also "protects against physiological and environmental stress" and "it glows with beauty and withstands climatic variations and the changing seasons". Which I find both a big plus. 

The main ingredient is a camellia flower which is, as y'all probably know, an icon within the Chanel genre. Besides the camellia they've added "subtle fruity notes" (whatever that may be). Again, it's very refreshing. Especially on those early mornings when you've got to drag yourself out of bed. Just open the lid, take a deep breath and consider yourself very lucky. Because the main/only downside to this product is the price. I'm just gonna tell y'all: it ain't cheap (when is Chanel ever?), but you definitely get what you pay for. An amazing product! It contains 50 g and it lasts you (or atleast me) half a year. I can almost exactly set the time for when I ran out of product. 


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