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WHAT??!! It's already November??? But... but... I'm not ready with October yet! I've got so many ideas (*ahum* quite some. So many is an exaggeration) and no time (that's true. Time has totally escaped me. The lack of it isn't only frustrating as it is worrisome). I... I... I don't want it to be November yet...

Unfortunately (or fortunately. I can't seem to figure out if it's a positive thing or a negative thing), a new month means -in some way- a new beginning. Atleast, I hope so. October hasn't been very gentle this year, but still I hoped I could turn it around before the end of it (spoiler: I couldn't). But ya know what? Lets embrace November with two spread arms with a big cookie in one hand, and a cup of tea in the other. Yes. That sounds like a solid plan. However, before this embrace, lets just take a tiny step back to this week, specifically to what I've worn (it's all about me...).

Trousers: Made by me | Shirt: I don't know... it's a pyjama top | Jacket: H&M | Shoes: H&M | Hat: Primark | Necklace: Made by me

To my disgrace, I don't own a bordeaux lipstick (or anything brown or black). Now guess which colour I want to smear all over my face? (Clue: It starts with b and ends with ordeaux). Instead of going to the shops and buy myself such a desired lipstick, I thought to be creative (times are hard) and make one with the stuff I already own. How DIY.

So, inspired by Sprinkle of Glitter's video Red & Black Halloween Lips, I started my journey. Mrs Glitter restricted herself to only lining the outer edges of her lips with a black kohl pencil, while I wanted it all to be darker. And thus I smeared the black kohl pencil all over my lips. Now, this doesn't feel that amazing and I don't actually think it's something you should, like, ingest or something. But a gal in need is a gal who voluntarily smears poisonous things upon her lips, alrighty

Well, that looks a bit alienating...

There's a big chance the kohl pencil will feel very uncomfortable. Also, on its own it will look pretty weird. But nothing to worry! Firstly I smudged the kohl (so the "drawing on" wouldn't look as obvious). And secondly I put some red lipgloss in the middle of it to make it feel a bit more bearable and naturally making it a bit more bordeaux. Side note: chances are that some of the kohl will be on your lipgloss wand, so be aware of this when for instance putting it back into the product.

Now you've got to remember that an eye product isn't meant for the lips and the staying power isn't that fantastic. Although, it also isn't a tragedy (I've had actual lip products that did worse). In my experience the really dark pigmentation will leave within about 5 minutes. The rest will stay put and look quite alright for about one and a half hour (this is including eating a sandwich and two cups of tea). After that... well... gone with the wind.

In other news:

Cape: Jackpot | Skirt+Jacket: Marktplaats (a sort of eBay) | Jumper: InWear | Shoes: Primark | Tights: Wibra | Hat: Antiquity shop | Pearl necklace: Antiquity market | Not-pearl necklace: Charity shop

Trousers: Made by me (wearing the same trousers in one week? Scandalous!) | Blouse: H&M | Jacket: Only | Shoes: H&M | Hat: H&M | Stole: Made by my mum

Skirt+jacket: Charity shop | Turtleneck: H&M | Coat: Made by my mum | Scarf: Wibra | Tights: Wibra | Shoes: H&M | Bag: Bershka | Pearl necklace: Antiquity market

And that's it. HUG ME BROTHA!!


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