by - November 09, 2014

Quick update: Last Friday I went to see Linkin Park with the lovely Demi. This has been my first concert since an awful long time (except for Abba CZ, but that's like not a concert concert). And ya know what, concerts aren't healthy. Not for the body. Not for the soul. But they are good fun (to a certain extend that is. Leaving the venue is pure horror, but other than that... Owh yeah! Beer. What's up with beer??? And like, pooring it down Demi's trousers and over my jacket. I bet that it isn't even gluten free! Shame on you, sir/ma'am! Also moshpits. And naked man in moshpits. AND crowdsurfing. I saw a man going down -head first- right infront of a sign saying you weren't alowd to crowdsurf. Oh the irony).

Before Linkin Park took the stage, a group called Of Mice & Man performed. I personally wasn't charmed by their performance, but I must give them credit for mastering the skill of synchronized headbanging. Good on you boys.

Linkin Park was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Better than expected (although I didn't really know what to expect). They did some new songs and they did quite a few old songs. Which for the last one I'm really happy about because I'm not really that familiair with their newest stuff. Although when he asked us who'd got the new album, I'd still put my hand into the air. Having a Spotify-account is like almost the same, right? *shame on me*

I've very much enjoyed myself and was sad when it was over. It's like you've been dropped into another dimension for more than time can capture and than all of a sudden they say thank you (which Chester says very sweetly in big contrast of the songs he just sang), take their last bow and walk of stage. The end. The lights go on and everyone slowly shuffles towards the doors and it's over. It's gone. It's passado. Quitado. A moment has passed and a memory has been created. Weird.

That night I still felt quite perky after the show (besides naturally the horrid smell of beer following us everywhere we went). And I can vividly remember laughing at Demi for trying to squeak some words out of her sore throat. Well what comes around, goes around and this whole weekend I'd lost my voice. It's a cruel world.

In other news: My cactus has died. Well, it's been decomposing since a month or two but yesterday I saw mold on it and thus it left me with no other choice than to throw it away.

R.I.P. Freddy
(it was named Freddy)

Maybe if I'd watered you once you'd still be alive. *sigh*
I'm thinking of getting a little tree now. Maybe some bamboo or stuff. That would be nice... No clue where to put it, though. Maybe next to my mirror or something. idk.

So. What have y'all been up to these last couple of days?


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