by - November 10, 2014

I've got quite dry limbs. So in order to keep them as smooth as butter, I like to use products that do just that. One of those products is hand lotion. Hand lotion is very important because quite frankly you use your hands all day. It's thus important that they are in a constant tip top state. The last couple of months I've been using a hand lotion from Riverdale from their Days collection in Lovely Lilly. Now you might've seen me mentioning this one before (and if you check out my Instagram you definitely will...).

Besides Lovely Lilly you can also choose between the scents Rockin Rose and Poppy Pleasure (cute names, I know), but unfortunately I'm allergic to them. To be honest it's somewhat of a miracle I'm not allergic to Lovely Lilly as well. And it's even more lucky that I prefer the scent of Lovely Lilly anyway. I find that Rockin Rose is very heavily fragranced and Poppy Pleasure is quite herb like. While Lovely Lilly is more subtle and I think maybe a bit more of a classic everyday scent.

When it comes to my hands I'm quite fussy. After every wash you'll see me moisturising almost immediately. So the main plus for me is that it's quickly absorbed by the skin. I hate it when you've used hand lotion (or just lotion in general) and you've got to wait for quite some time because you're all sticky. I mean, I don't have all day! I'm a busy woman! Have got things to do. Have got to moisturise and than get on with my life. Not waiting for half an hour before I can finally touch something without anybody able to see it afterwards (black surfaces are a hand lotion nightmare!). But luckily, as typed before, this one gets absorbed quite fast and you can touch whatever you want within a few seconds. Yay!

The only downside for me is that it isn't really handy to lug around with you. On the go I always use a hygiene hand gel (die bacteria! die!) and it would've been lovely if I could moisturise afterwards. Now I've seen on their site that they also do the hand lotion in smaller sized tubes, but I can't find them anywhere in the shops! A real mystery indeed...

For those who want their hands to be moisturised, this will do. It isn't magical, but the skin absorbs it pretty fast and it makes them feel smooth and soft (but most of all hydrated). You get quite a lot (300 ml) for a not that high price. I'm quite content with it (as you can see in the pictures above I'm almost half way).


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