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Picture taken by my mum. A short coffee break on a parking lot on their way to Germany. The woman in blue is my grandma and the man standing next to her is my grandpa.

My mum standing in front of a kaufhaus in Germany.

Birthday party September 1970. My mum is the girl standing in the middle with the white socks.

Working in the garden.

My mum posing a dress she'd designed and made herself.

My grandma with my uncle in her arms and her sister standing in the background around 1950. 

Schoolpicture. My mum looks very much like me in this one. My dad couldn't tell us apart...

Schoolpicture. Same expression, however she looks funnily enough more like my sister in this one. WE. ARE. FAMILY. ;)

Yet another headshot.

16th of March 1984... looking fab.

Today I got my hands on some old pictures and thought to share a few of them with the internet. I absolutely love pictures! Especially old ones. They can turn me into the happiest person that has ever walked the earth, while also making me very aware of my current surroundings, of time that's gone by. I really like this quote from Karl Lagerfeld: "What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce." It's becoming very clear to me now that indeed a moment can't be reproduced, but that the meaning of this captured moment can (still) become lost in time. The stories or moments surrounding these pictures will die piece for piece with the people who created them. Which is really sad. I think that it's important to capture moments that are dear to us and try to create an "endless" story to it. May this just be by marking the date on it, telling the story to those that are interested (making it something to pass on, I guess) or even just a silly blogpost like this one. The story can grow by making it part of a bigger memory surrounding the moment. Remembering the first time you got a glimpse of a certain picture and the story accompanying it. The way it's been told. The smile on a face. A memory made within the story attached to it. A moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce.

Pictures are often able to talk for themselves, but sometimes a little push into the right direction can't hurt...


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