Cause I Like You, Yeah I Like You...

by - April 29, 2015

"Dude, I like you."

Blouse: Made by me
White blouse: Jackpot
Trousers: Made by my mum
Shoes: H&M
Hat: H&M
Bag: Charity shop
Accessoires: silver bracelet gift for my 18th birthday, rings from my aunt
Lipstick: An orange Chanel lipstick whereof the location, and therewith the name, is unknown 
(which makes me anxious)

You know what blogger needs? A like button. I like like buttons. For a fact, I love like buttons. Like buttons -or otherwise to be called 'thumbs up' buttons, or 'two taps for a heart' buttons- can make life so much easier!

Now I'm specifically targeting this for the comment section. My biggest problem with it is that I don't know how to deal with it. I've been very privileged by solidly getting nice comments, but I really don't know what to do with them. We've been on this road before, I know. And everyone is very understanding and faces the same problems etc etc etc. But I think a lot of our worrisome can be solved by adding a like button down at the comments section.

Let me set the scene:
Someone decided to leave a comment on your blog. They type in some nice sweet words and send it off into the world wide web -directed at you. You read it, you think it's very nice and sweet what they've said and then... then you want to probably say thank you or give another sign of appreciation and celebrate that someone likes your 'work' besides your mum (no offence mum. I love you mum. Keep commenting mum!). But actually typing the words "thank you for hitting the symbols on your keyboard, it's well appreciated" or a simple "thanks" seems to be overdoing it by every comment you get. I think it can feel quite insincere when someone comments on your blog and you reply with the same -mostly genuine- sweet tooth answer over and over and over and over again. Or sometimes (as I often do) you don't reply at all and feel a bit (a lot) guilty about it, but you don't know what else to do than to type the words thank you. But actually JUST typing the words thank you seems to be an empty gesture... Ya know? 

To shine another light onto this problem from the other side:
Sometimes the need of wanting to leave a comment behind on someone else's blog emerges. But then you look at all the comments that are already given and you think to yourself "That's exactly what I wanted to say only put more eloquently". Now I must say that there's naturally a main difference between a thumbs-up or actually taking the time to make a collection of some words. But it kinda feels stupid to repeat the same thing that's already been typed for the thousandth time... I mean, isn't it by then fairly obvious? Although I must say, again, that I maybe not completely agree with myself on this point, but y'all get my drift, right?

But enough about me and my feelings and whatever, lets talk some outfit talk (which incidentally is also about me.... oops). The blouse -the one that I've made myself, ya know, the fairly obvious one- is made by a pattern from a magazine from the 80's. However the pattern itself is a throwback to a pattern from the 50's... Isn't that just lovely?! Some double layering of history there for you in one piece (actually this must be the third layer as it's natrually been reincarnated by my sewing machine).

When I saw this fabric at the market I was instantly in love. However my mum absolutely hated it and thought I was mad for buying it (it's also actually curtain fabric... imagine this as a curtain...). I immediately had this mental picture of the reindeers and turkeys being layered by the folds in the design of this blouse (would've been very Thanksgiving-worthy if only I'd made it any time sooner (or later) and if we'd celebrated Thanksgiving here at all. Oh well). And I think I've pretty much nailed it, if I may say so myself. During the process of making it, my mum was still unsure about my love affection towards it. But I think she likes it now. Atleast I hope. *clicks on the like button* *thumbs up* *taps for two hearts*

The only thing I'm missing with this is a hunting hat (prefereably in green with feathers on the side). Wouldn't that be amazing? Just for show naturally, I'm not (yet) thinking about changing careers...


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  1. I like it .......
    thumbs up....
    taps for two hearts....

    love, Marjan