Sunday Summary Week 17

by - April 27, 2015


Truth to be told: I didn't know what to type yesterday, so I thought to wait a day and type something interestingly I can look back on in life and think to myself "Yes that's been a Sunday Summary of my dreams" (as if). And as it's Kingsday here in the Netherlands I've got an extra day off, which thus basically means that this is still Sunday. A very long Sunday...

I did a lot but not a lot, ya know? I've been busy with all kinds of things without having anything to show for it (accept for a few pictures I took when walking the dog (LOOK AT THE PRETTY FLOWERS *sneezes excessively*) and I've finished two assignments AND have already handed them over... Amazeballs, I know). And that's it, really. Oh I've been to the Kingsmarket (a market where people on Kingsday sell their ol' shit -sorry for the language but there are no other words to describe it- Although I did saw a really cute yellow dress (looked a bit 60's with a ruffled skirt and pockets on the front. A dream team as you can imagine) but it was too small (damn you dream!) so yeah, that was a let down. My sister got a book and my dad bought a start cable (for the car. So I hope this isn't going to be a classic karma-moment that when you've got none, nothing happens. And that when you've got one, everything happens. Karma's a bitch)).

Oh! And I've knitted/crochet also a bit this weekend and it's getting a long v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y. Rumour has it that I'll finish it in about ten years. Can be more, but most likely it will be A LOT MORE. However it's not about the effort you've got to put into it, it's about the fun. fun fun fun. The only downside to taking it slow is that all the other ideas you have (and lets face it, an idea gets to be born every second of the day you're alive (and probably even goes on when you're dead)) gets to be saved in an ongoing backlog whereby the chances of you crashing down is about exactly 310%. That's a lot of percentage, ya know...


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  1. Making ideas are a big part of the fun fun fun.....

    love, Marjan