Drink Me

by - April 10, 2015

I'm someone who always says no. Well not always because that'd be ridiculous. But I do often say no to things. Not necessarily because I want to say no, but mostly because my initial thought to the proposed question is nonononononononono. This has prevented me doing a lot of things that had the potential of being educational or fun or whatever the feeling. The thing is, I might've missed out on something I could take with me in life. Important life lessons that I'll never get to experience and whereby my life will be less formed than otherwise would be the case. Which sounds a bit dramatic and I certainly don't suffer from the fear of missing out on something and no I've never seen the film Yes Men and I'm also not a big fan of Russian Roulette either. 

Often I'm very glad with the decisions I've made, because I sincerely believe I've made the right choice for me, myself and I. But sometimes you say no to something before you've had the chance to think about it. It's like someone's offering you a cup of tea and you’re really thirsty and would definitely like a cup of tea, but you automatically say no because you never otherwise would take a cup of tea in the situation you're in (with the people that are surrounding you), while you really do want a cup of tea. And at some point people will stop asking you if you'd like a cup of tea and you don’t even get the chance to contemplate if you would like one because the opportunity is not there anymore for you to grab and you'll be thirsty for the rest of your life. That would be sad, right?

So sometimes you -I- have got to tell myself that it's OK to say yes. Your comfort zone is there to be widened and to get eased by the way YOU want to do it (and not that voice inside your brain going nonononononononono, because frankly he doesn't know what he's talking about because he's lacking the experience). And naturally you mustn't go crazy and wild (as if) but sometimes it's good to break down a wall (you can always lay new bricks in its place, right?).


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  1. I'm proud of you!!!!
    I know it's a big thing for you.....
    So, I wanna hear more YES!!!

    love, Marjan