Sunday Summary Week 15

by - April 12, 2015

I've got a tip for everyone who's feeling blue, go and ask people if they want to fill in a survey for you. However some ground rules: 1) this needs to be set in a museum and 2) this must be asked to old people. Now I believe that everyone is as young as they feel, but you'll notice the old people the minute they walk in (so it isn't necessarily the age you're looking for, however everything above 70 will meet the set standards). And let the compliments flow your way...

You'll get to hear the most wonderful things like "You're so pretty they should frame you and hang it on the wall next to the art" (literal quote). Isn't that just gorgeous yet terrifyingly creepy. I mean, the man was basically flirting with me WHILE HIS WIFE STOOD NEXT TO HIM. I've found my new target audience. Young is so overrated, old is where it's at!

Also a good thing to get you up and going is to run some errands and come home with all kinds of pretty stuff that -without you noticing it- perfectly matches a happy atmosphere (yellow is where it's at. Yellow and old. Keep that in mind). AND if you during your little trip into town happen to stumble upon something new to add to your eating list, there's nothing stopping you to put a big fat smile on your face. Really, you should try it once...


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  1. You bought some nice things.......
    And old is the new young so they act similar. Didn't you know!!!

    love, Marjan