That Moment

by - April 08, 2015

Skirt: Made by me
Blouse: H&M
Blazer: Vanilia 
Tights: Wibra
Bag: Charity shop
Fedora hat: Primark
Plateau boots: H&M
Lipstick: Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet La Fascinante #38

Is there such a thing as the right moment? Because I'm beginning to believe that there isn't such thing. Like, at all. Yes, in hindsight you can say "that was the right moment to do so or so", but isn't that just messing with reality? I've noticed that we -as humankind (oh yes, I'm taking y'all down with me)- often alter the past to match with our present and/or future views of something to make us feel better about something shitty that happened in that same past.

I'm always waiting for the right moment and in my mind it never comes. It's never the right time to ask a question or to get up and get something done or, idk, make a life changing decision. It'll never be the right moment because time can't be right or wrong. It doesn't know or feel, so it would be wrong of me to judge it for being the wrong time, that the right moment has passed simply due to the ticking of the clock. Because I'm the one giving it the label of being good or bad. Of being right or wrong.

So what time is it?


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  1. I love what you are wearing.....
    And you're so right, you give the labels of right or wrong!!

    love, Marjan

  2. You look amazing, as always! Your style is my absolute favourite. I always come on your blog and tend to binge read it like crazy - especially due to the fact that your writing is just as wonderful as your style :-) I've probably said this before (I can never remember, my memory is terrible). But I'll stop by and tell you every now and then because I feel it needs to be said ;) Oh gosh, I bloody well hope this doesn't sound like one of those spam comments because that'd be TERRIBLE. I promise it is not!

    1. Oh my giddy giddy gosh, I'm absolutely blushing over here... The funny thing is (well not funny in the sense of belly laughing funny, but ya know, 'funny'), I really love your style and writing (not to sound sobby, but I take inspiration from your blog). But I can't seem to comment because I don't have Google+ (or at least I don't think so, but one can never be 100% sure). So really I want to say idem dito (I actually had written you an email, because I felt that it must be said *ahum ahum* but then I thought that it must be weird to get an email from a stranger declaring love to you. Although I know such things are easier to be said -or typed in this case- than always actually being true (especially after all the nice words you've typed to me). But it's true, I really really do...) So yeah.... Thanks!