Johnny's Cracking Skull Jumper

by - October 24, 2015

The world dies over and over again, but the skeleton always gets up and walks.
Henry Miller

Do you've got a skeleton hanging in your closet? No? Well... do you want one?

You might've guessed it, yes, especially for Halloween I've dusted off the crochet needle FROM HELL to create an easy jumper to cover up those bones (we don't want our secrets to be shown in broad daylight). Obviously this jumper is perfectly suitable for every murder you've got planned, every child's candy you want to steal and then eat right infront of their quivering face or just doing the groceries, watching television, doing your homework, walking the dog and any other ordinary thing creatures from the dark do. Whatever you're up to, this jumper is for you!

Instead of going for the classic black and white, I got inspired by Tim Burton characters and decided to go for a more surprising shade of blue: an it's a perfect night for murder dark blue and your frozen tears after I've pushed you into the ice light blue. Naturally any other shade will do too.

What I've used
3.5 mm hook
6 balls of wool in dark blue
2 balls of wool in light blue

I'm using Wibra Saskia yarn (260 m per 100g) in mentioned above colours. The front and back of this jumper are equal to eachother. As are the sleeves, which are directly casted on the sides of the front+back.

As the front and back are the same, you should follow these instructions and repeat it (so you actually get a front and a back. Good advice, I know....). First you'll have to make a chainstitch of 94. WARNING! The amount of chainstitch can vary due to the yarn you're using (or how tight or loose you crochet), so always ALWAYS try before you die (aka: make a swatch, measure it and count how many you'll have to make so you get to 55 cm- or naturally bigger if you'd like to. No rules applied here! In my case 55 cm equals 94 chainstitches). Crochet 46 rows in treble (American: double crochet).

For the neck you'll need to cast the light blue directly onto the front+back in the 23rd stitch (aka: count 22 stitches and then take a bite) and go for 50 stitches (in treble) to make the neck. If done correctly, you've got 22 stitches of nothingness, 50 stitches (in treble) of light blue and another 22 stitches of nothingness. Add to the row you've just crochet another 4 (thus 5 rows in total), then it's time for some ruffles....

1rst row: Crochet in every stitch one treble and one chainstitch.
2nd row: Crochet in every stitch one chainstitch and one treble.

As stated above, the sleeves are directly casted on the sides of the front+back. The sleeves are as wide as the neck, so 30 cm (50 stitches) and are immediately set on from the top of the front+back in dark blue. In total you should crochet 35 rows in treble, then 1 row in light blue (also treble) and then, then it's time for yet some more ruffles...

To go with the blood flow: also add to the bottom of the front+back 1 row of light blue in treble, followed by some ruffles. Then sew the sides together (and naturally the arms and neck). And ta-da, a jumper! But we're not done yet, she said laughing wickedly.

To give this jumper its X-factor from the grave, I thought it to be most appropriate to decorate it with skulls. Why not? I've used this very easy pattern from Crochet Nirvana [here]. 12 skulls will do the job, but more deadly buddies are always welcome.

Now put your jumper on, grab an axe and start yelling 'Here's JOHNNY!'.


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  1. I love that jumper.
    And those pics, you look amazing....

    love, Marjan

    1. Well, they were taken by a very good photographer ;)