This Isn't Halloween

by - October 19, 2015

When we're together, darling, every night is Halloween. 
Gomez Addams 

Happy almost Halloween! It's here yet again upon us. Halloween, described by Google Translate, is "the night of October 31, the eve of All Saints' Day, commonly celebrated by children who dress in costume and solicit candy or other treats door-to-door." With the most memorable example-sentence to go with it:

Mr Voillat died after falling from the Royal Prince boat during a Hallowe'en party last October.

Wow. Just wow. I mean, if that isn't the most perfect sentence to show us ladies and gentlemen the true meaning of Halloween... Thank you Google Translate, thank you.

Besides questionable boat incidents and children that go door to door looking for sweets, Halloween also goes hand in hand with DIY. Right? You don't buy a Halloween costume, you make a Halloween costume. That is if you actually celebrate Halloween. Which I don't. But don't let that little fact bother you in anyway. It sure doesn't bother me!

These coming two weeks will be filled with all the ghoul and gore of Halloween! We'll be doing some DIY, dressing up and talking about dead body's... It's going to be a blast! She says, while dressed in latex and stroking a skull. For someone who doesn't celebrate Halloween, I'm getting right in there and not-celebrate it in the traditional way. Where's my coffin at?

So grab yourself a pumpkin and squeeze it as tight as you can, holidays are coming!
*evil laughter*


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