Trick or Treat | Knit Hits

by - October 25, 2015

I'm knitting with only one needle.
Queen - I'm Going Slightly Mad

While Frankenstein is preoccupied trying to get his monster up on two feet, you -his assistent- are stabbing away with knitting needles. Using spiderwebs as yarn and a pattern that's been handed down to you personally by none other than the Devil himself, you're trying to not interfere with Mr Know-it-all. "Are you sure this is a good idea, Franky?" "What could possibly go wrong? And stop calling me Franky." "Whatever you like, Franky."  

What could possibly go wrong? Well, I can name you a few things! First of all it's pretty cold this time a year and we don't want him to catch a cold! Oh, and there's naturally that thing where [spoilers] he might set a cottage on fire and murder your brother and your best childhood friend and your fiancée (which leads to the death of your father) because of all the rejections and abuse he's had to go through because of his appearence and only really just wants someone to love and love him back...

But we can't solve everything at once! That's why you've taken it upon yourself to start knitting something nice and fluffy for him. That should keep the cold away! And while doing so, there's no need to sit alone in silence, you put on some fine tunes to wiggle your big toe to.

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