by - October 01, 2015

Long hair is an unpardonable offence which should be punished by death.
Steven Patrick Morrissey

| See through dress: H&M | Not-see through dress: Vanilia | Shoes: H&M | 
| Hat: Sonia Rykiel for H&M | Gloves: Vintage | Bag: Vintage | Lipstick: Cinderhella |

These pictures were taken in the last hours of long-haired me. I didn't know it at the time, that this would be snip-day, but it was. Sounds rather dramatic, but I am rather dramatic (may these pictures be my witness). Also, look at the lenght of those limbs! If I'd known my legs were that long, I'd shown them off more often (although I'm afraid it's all perception of the angle. IRL they aren't that long. Neither are my arms. They seem however to grow with every picture I take).

I'm someone who needs rest. Rest from the ongoing world. Rest from myself. When I don't have enough rest, I go crazy (who's to say that I'm not yet mad??). I need my time to knit or to crochet or to read (or naturally to blog), to escape from the world just for a tiny whiny while. Mostly my weekends are filled with college-work and previous mentioned knitting/crocheting/reading. That's it. Maybe I'll be a bit more adventurous on the Saturday, but I certainly don't go overboard with my schedule.

However last weekend was filled with all kinds of business (attending a funeral, going to a fabrics market TWICE (that's right, my load of potential clothes just doubled), going to an art gallery 'exhibition' and of course college-work needed some attention too (the needy bastard). Which left me with little to no time to rewind (rewind in the sense of sitting in a corner of the room in your PJs, staring into the nothingness that's called life. And naturally I had no time to knit, crochet, read or sew. It doesn't take long now before the fabric will be overflowing and creeping into my bedroom whispering something to me I can't quite understand (my French is becoming worse and worse with the day. And yes, they're whispering French to me, which is confusing. Should I be scared or feeling rather romantic?). At the time it isn't really something to think about, but when Monday comes around again and looks you straight into the eyes... well... I think most of us know what time it is. (spoiler alert: it isn't 'party time', if you're wondering).

Although I shouldn't be the one complaining. Yes, I had an excursion on Monday, a big essay needed to be handed in on Thursday and on Friday we'll be having the presentation about that exact same essay (it's a group effort, so my face won't be showing in front of the class for most of the time, thank goodness!) Which, if you counted with me, leaves me with two days (minus the weekend) to spare. Yes, I've used that time to adjust previous mentioned essay, but I've also used those days to write this post (I say 'days', naturally I mean an hour or so of me staring at a blank screen and then within a minute splurging every thought onto paper. Or screen. The paper-screen. I type words).

The downside to this approach (the 'typing everything as the thought develops in my brain') is that you never know what comes out if it. Probably just a lot of blablabla, knowing me. But it does fill a post, amiright?

Not forget to mention: It's bloody October! I had so many lovely things planned for September and now it's already October! I even went to the hairdressers today to get my short hair shortened again because it already grew quite a bit longer. How? When? Why? There's a flaw in the system, we need to go back to the drawing table...


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