Sunday Summary Week 35

by - October 11, 2015

Youth has no age.
Pablo Picasso 

I don't like birthdays. Well I do like birthdays, but I don't. I don't like the thought of getting older (and realizing how I've absolutely wasted my time) or the parade you've got to put up by entertaining family members (don't worry, I still appreciate you all. Just not today and from a safe distance). Also, for some weird reason I always get ill when turning another year older. I guess my body just wants to remind me of my mortality. Doing a good job so far... But less moaning, more PARTYING! (also something I disgust) (jk.) (Or am I?)

I always find 'special days', where it ought to be special, so NOT special. I think I've stated the same thing last year about Christmas (or basically any occasion where a certain 'spirit' must be in the air). My main problem is how it all gets forced upon you (says the Grinch while setting Christmas trees on fire and poops on children's presents). However I must admit that I got rather excited when seeing the autumn cups by Starbucks. Not that I'd order anything from them accept for a Frapuccino Vanille (just the thought of a Pumpkin something something (why does it all have such hard names to remember? Or is that just me now I'm getting old and fragile...) makes me feel gross. Just to add: anything where pumpkins are being consumed in any other way than decoration makes me feel a bit... well... weak in the tummy), which sadly doesn't come in an autumnal cup -and for that reason- I avoid the whole franchise during autumn/winter (also because it's bloody cold to hold a Frapuccino when it's that time of the year, let alone to actually take a sip from it! My lips will be frozen to the not so autumnal cup for the rest of the day while contemplating the meaning of life. Not an easy look to pull off, if you ask me).

To end this post on a high-note, because not all is doom and gloom (yet): you've ('I've', but, ya know, assuming you've got the same birthday as mine and you're still alive when you've started reading this post. Otherwise I'm very sorry, it's a bit rubbish isn't it? Fun fact: Eleanor Roosevelt's birthday was on the 11th of October. Just... a fun fact) made it to another year... Regardless if you'll actually make it to the other year, you've managed to age within the given time -alive and sort of well- and I'm proud of you. Just to add: New Year is also just such a let down, isn't it?! And last but not least, to quote dear ol' Tumblr:

News Flash: 
It all kinda sucks. 
Deal with it. 
Don't become part of it.

Solid advice, I guess. So blow up some balloons, throw some confetti into the air and sing Happy Birthday as loud as you can. Ugh.


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